Sukhoi Su26, Su29 & Su31

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeSingle and two seat aerobatic light aircraft
  • PowerplantsSu29 - One 265kW (255hp) VOKBM M-14PT nine cylinder radial piston engine driving a constant speed three blade propeller. Su31T - One 295kW (395hp) M14PF driving a three blade constant speed prop.
  • PerformanceSu29 - Max speed 325km/h (175kt). Initial rate of climb 3150ft/min. Service ceiling 13,120ft. Range with max fuel 1200km (648nm). Su31T - Max speed 330km/h (178kt). Initial rate of climb 4725ft/min. Service ceiling 13,125ft. Range with internal fuel 290km (155nm), max ferry range up to 1200km (648nm).
  • WeightsSu29 - Empty 735kg (1620lb), MTOW 1204kg (2654lb). Su31T - Empty equipped 670kg (1480lb), MTOW 968kg (2134lb).
  • DimentionsSu26M - Wing span 8.20m (26ft 11in), length 7.29m (23ft 11in), height 2.89m (9ft 6in). Wing area 12.2m2 (127.0sq ft). Su31T - Wing span 7.80m (25ft 7in), length 6.90m (22ft 8in), height 2.76m (9ft 1in). Wing area 11.8m2 (127.0sq ft).
  • CapacityAccommodation for pilot only in Su26, Su26M, Su31T and Su31U. Seating for two in tandem in Su29.
  • ProductionProduction includes approximately 60 Su29s, 70 Su26s and 25 Su-31s.

Sukhoi's very respected aerobatic air ship have won various worldwide aerobatic occasions.

Sukhoi is maybe otherwise called one of the two overwhelming Russian elite battle flying machine originators, however it turned its thoughtfulness regarding plan and flying a solitary seat airplane for boundless aerobatics rivalries in the early 1980s. The model of the single seat Su26, the originator of the arrangement, flew without precedent for June 1984, and surprisingly contended in the World Aerobatic Championships held in Hungary just after two months.

Peculiarities presented on the introductory Su26 incorporate the Vedneyev, now VOKBM, M14 nine chamber cylinder spiral motor, which is profoundly respected for its effortlessness, force to weight degree, efficiency and low oil utilization. The airframe itself is amazingly solid, equipped for withstanding +11 and 9g, while the wing's aerofoil area is symmetrical and connected to the airframe at zero rate and dihedral for comparative positive and negative approach flight attributes.

Changes to the Su26 including a squared off vertical tail and less glass prompted the Su26m, which took an interest in the 1986 World Aerobatic Championships in the UK. The Su26mx is a fare variant. The accomplishment of the Su26 headed Sukhoi to outline a two seat, double control improvement, the Su29, which first flew amid 1991. Contrasts incorporate the second seat, more prominent compass wing and expanded length. The Su-29m has lightweight discharge seats.

A definitive improvement is the Su31, which first flew in June 1992 as the Su29t. The Su31 is a solitary seater focused around the Su29 yet with an all the more capable motor. The essential rendition is the Su31t, the Su-31x is for fare and the Su31u has retractable undercarriage. Creation started in 1994.

Pictures of Sukhoi Su26, Su29 & Su31