Sukhoi Superjet 100

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeRegional jet airliner
  • PowerplantsSSJ 100-95 - Two 69kN/15,400lb (NTO) PowerJet SaM146 turbofans (78kN/17,500lb APR).
  • PerformanceSSJ 100-95 - Max cruising speed 870km/h (470kt), typical cruising speed 828km/h (448kt). Range with typical payload 3048km.
  • WeightsSSJ 100-95 - Empty 25,100kg (55,000lb), max takeoff 45,880kg (101,100lb).
  • DimentionsSSJ 100-95 - Wing span 27.80m (91ft 2in), length 29.94m (98ft 3in). Wing area 84m2 (900sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. SSJ 100-95 - 86 to 103 passengers depending on configuration.
  • ProductionThe first production Superjet 100 was handed over to launch customer Armavia on 19 April 2011.

The Superjet 100 configuration was propelled in 2000, with the point being to create a cutting edge local carrier for the conventional Eastern European/CIS markets. It is likewise planned to be appealing to Western clients because of lower buy and working expenses than contending Western plans, however with the obliged security and execution offers that were regularly seen as needing in more seasoned outlines from the Soviet period, avoiding deals to that market.

Sukhoi worked with new accomplices, strikingly including Boeing, as they created the air ship for the post-Cold War aerial nature's domain. The air ship that rose is advanced and focused to contend with close contenders, for example, the Embraer ERJ-190/195 and Bombardier outlines, and the littler Airbus and Boeing plans, for example, the A318 and 737-600.

Advancement was more extended than anticipated, however effective, with the first of four models flying on 19 May 2008. Certificate was sensibly direct, with a couple of issues obliging consideration, especially with the new motors.

Pictures of Sukhoi Superjet 100