Short 330

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • TypeRegional airliner and utility freighter
  • Powerplants330100 - Two 875kW (1173shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A45 turboprops driving five blade constant speed Hartzell propellers. 330200 - Two 893kW (1198shp) PT6A45Rs.
  • Performance330100 - Max cruising speed 356km/h (192kt), long range cruising speed 296km/h (160kt). Initial rate of climb 1200ft/min. Range with 30 passengers and reserves 590km (320nm). 330200 - Max cruising speed 352km/h (190kt), long range cruising speed 294km/h (159kt). Range with max payload 660km (473nm), range with max fuel and no reserves 1695km (915nm).
  • Weights330100 - Empty equipped in airliner configuration 6577kg (14,500lb), max takeoff 10,160kg (22,400lb). 330200 - Operating empty 6697kg (14,764lb), max takeoff 10,387kg (22,900lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 22.76m (74ft 8in), length 17.69m (58ft 1in), height 4.95m (16ft 3in). Wing area 42.1m2 (453.0sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Typical passenger accommodation for 30 at three abreast and 76cm (30in) pitch in 10 rows of seats. In combi freight/passenger configuration the 330 houses freight in the front of the cabin and 18 passengers in the rear.
  • Production330 production wound up in September 1992 after 136 had been built, including military C23 Sherpas and 330UTs. Approximately 35 were in airline service at late 1998.

The Short 330, or the `shed' as no less than one territorial air transport tenderly named it, is a cheap and dependable 30 seat carrier, if sort of slower than a large portion of its pressurized rivalry.

The Short 330 is an extended improvement of the Sc.7 Skyvan. Starting life assigned the Sd330, the 330 held the Skyvan's general design, including the chunk sided fuselage cross segment, supercritical, propped, above fuselage mounted wing outline (protracted by 2.97m/9ft 9in) and twin tails. Contrasted and the Skyvan however the fuselage is extended by 3.78m (12ft 5in), permitting seating in excess of 10 more travelers. Enhanced execution over the reasonably abate Skyvan results from two Pratt & Whitney Pt6a turboprops driving five edge props, pointed nose and retractable undercarriage. More than 60% more prominent fuel limit helps run altogether over the Skyvan.

A building model of the 330 flew shockingly on August 22 1974, while a generation model flew on July 8 1975. The primary genuine creation flying machine took after that December. The 330 entered carrier administration with Time Air of Canada in August 1976.

Introductory Short 330s were controlled by Pt6a45as and 45bs and are known as 330100s, while conclusive 330-200s gimmick all the more influential Pt6a45rs. The 200s likewise emphasize various subtle element upgrades, while things long ago accessible as choices were made standard supplies.

Different tanker variants of the 330 have been produced, incorporating the Sherpa with a back stacking slope (in administration with the US Air Force and Army as the C23), and the military 330ut.

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