Ilyushin Il-86

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeMedium range widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsFour 127.5kN (28,660lb) KKBM (Kuznetsov) NK86 turbofans.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 950km/h (513kt), typical cruising speed between 900km/h (485kt) and 950km/h (513kt). Design range with 40 tonne (88,185lb) payload 3600km (1945nm), with max fuel 4600km (2480nm).
  • WeightsMax takeoff 208,000kg (458,560lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 48.06m (157ft 8in), length 59.94m (195ft 4in), height 15.81m (51ft 10in). Wing area 320m2 (3444sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of three comprising two pilots and flight engineer, with provision for a navigator. Max seating for 350 at nine abreast. Mixed two class seating for 234 comprising 28 six abreast in forward cabin and 206 eight abreast in other two cabins. Lower deck freight holds can accommodate up to 16 standard LD3 containers if some lower deck carry on baggage racks are omitted.
  • Production103 built (including four military command posts). Appoximately 90 were in service in late 1998, all with Russian and CIS operators and one Chinese airline.

Russia's first widebody carrier, the Il-86 has persevered through an extremely checkered vocation. It has experienced poor efficiency, reports of neglecting to reach its outline range, and has been created in just generally unassuming numbers.

Il-86 improvement was reported at the 1971 Paris Airshow. At the same time an extended improvement project took after and the first illustrations did not enter administration until very nearly after 10 years in late 1980. Antonov, Tupolev and Ilyushin were all approached to react to Aeroflot's prerequisite for a widebody aerial shuttle, with Ilyushin's outline demonstrating fruitful.

The Il-86 at first was comparative in arrangement to the narrowbody Il-62, with four back mounted turbofans and a Ttail. However the same issues that influences most Ttail outlines, for example, poor low speed taking care of, in addition to the substantial structural weight required to backing the four motors brought on a reconsider, bringing about the reception of a traditional tail and under wing mounted motor design.

In spite of the fact that a routine plan, one unordinary peculiarity of the Il-86 is that - where airplane terminal aerobridges are not given - travelers can prepare to leave the air ship by means of airstairs prompting a lower deck gear stowage territory, before climbing a settled inward staircase to the primary traveler lodge.

The Il-86 was initially uncovered in model structure in 1976. The primary of two models flew shockingly on December 22 1976, while the first generation air ship flew on October 24 1977. Air transport administration started in December 1980 (Aeroflot had formerly wanted to have it in administration in time for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games). Around 100 had been fabricated when creation finished in 1994.

Arrangements to prepare the Il-86 with CFM International Cfm56 turbofans to significantly enhance mileage, extend and diminishing commotion levels to inside ICAO Stage 3 points of confinement have been talked about at different times, yet the expense of such an update has so far has demonstrated restrictive.

Pictures of Ilyushin Il-86