Ilyushin Il-76

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeMedium to long range freighter
  • PowerplantsFour 117.7kN (26,455lb) Aviadvigatel (Soloviev) D30KP turbofans. Il-76MF - Four 156.9kN (35,275lb) Aviadvigatel PS90ANs.
  • PerformanceIl-76T - Max speed 850km/h (460kt), cruising speed 750 to 800km/h (405 to 430kt). Max range with reserves 6700km (3615nm), range with 40 tonne (88,185lb) payload 5000km (2700nm). Il-76TD - Speeds same. Range with max payload 3650km (1970nm), with 20 tonne (44,090lb) payload 7300km (3940nm). Il-76MF - Cruising speed range 750 to 780km/h (405 to 420kt). Range with 40 tonne (88,185lb) payload 5200km (2805nm).
  • WeightsIl-76T - Max takeoff 170,000kg (374,785lb). Il-76TD - Max takeoff 190,000kg (418,875lb). Il-76MF - Operating empty 101,000kg (222,665lb), max payload 52,000kg (114,640lb), max takeoff 200,000kg (440,925lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 50.50m (165ft 8in), length 46.59m (152ft 10in), height 14.76m (48ft 5in). Wing area 300.0m2 (3229.2sq ft). Il-76MF - Same except for length which is approx 53m (174ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of five including two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator, plus two freight handlers. Il-76MP firefighting conversion can carry 44 tonnes (97,000lb) of fire retardant in two tanks.
  • ProductionOver 900 Il-76s of all models built, most for the Russian military, but over 300 are in service with Aeroflot and other civilian operators.

The Ilyushin Il-76 (which has the NATO reporting name of `candid') was produced as a swap for the turboprop fueled Antonov A 12, chiefly for military utilization.

Improvement under the configuration administration of G V Novozhilov in the late 1960s brought about the sort's first flight on March 25 1971. Arrangement generation initiated in 1975 and the first samples entered Aeroflot benefit that year. In the now fantastic military vessel arrangement, the Il-76 gimmicks a high mounted wing passing over the fuselage, four motors, Ttail, back stacking incline and cargo entryways.

The Il-76 was additionally composed in view of short field execution, working from somber strips. To this end the Il-76 gimmicks wide compass triple opened trailing edge folds, upper surface spoilers and close full compass heading edge braces for short field execution, while the air ship rides on a sum of 20 low weight tires, the front nose unit offering four wheels, the primary wheel bogies having two columns of four tires each. Cargo taking care of is generally automated, obliging just two cargo handlers which could be conveyed as a major aspect of the standard team supplement of seven.

Common forms created from the essential Il-76 incorporate the Il-76t with extra fuel; the Il-76td with expanded takeoff and payload weights and D30kp2s which hold their energy yield to higher heights; and the Il-76mp firefighter.

The extended Ps90 controlled Il-76mf, which first flew on August 1 1995, will be implicit Tashkent. Stage 3 agreeable, it is fundamentally expected for the Russian aviation based armed forces. Ilyushin likewise plans to construct a Cfm56 controlled rendition of this flying machine.

Pictures of Ilyushin Il-76