Fokker 100

  • CountryNetherlands
  • Type100 seat regional jet
  • PowerplantsTwo 61.6kN (13,850lb) RollsRoyce Tay Mk 62015 or 67.2kN (15,100lb) Mk 65015 turbofans.test
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 845km/h (456kt), long range cruising speed 737km/h (453kt). Range with 107 passengers and Tay 620s 2505km (1323nm), or high gross weight version with Tay 650s 3167km (1710nm).
  • WeightsTay 620 - Operating empty 24,375kg (53,738lb), max takeoff 43,090kg (95,000lb). With Tay 650s - Operating empty 24,541kg (54,103lb), max takeoff 45,810kg (101,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 28.08m (92ft 2in), length 35.53m (116ft 7in), height 8.50m (27ft 11in). Wing area 93.5m2 (1006.4sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Max single class high density seating for 122. Standard single class seating for 107 at five abreast and 81cm (32in) pitch. Two class seating for 12 first class passengers at four abreast and 91cm (36in) pitch, and 85 economy class passengers; or 55 business class at five abreast and 86cm (34in) pitch, and 50 economy class pax. Fokker 100QC Quick Change max payload of 11,500kg (25,353lb), comprising five LD9/LD7 containers and one half size container, or up to 11 LD3 containers.
  • ProductionAlmost 300 Fokker 100s had been ordered before Fokker's collapse in March 1996. 283 had been built when production ceased in early 1997.

Fokker's biggest air ship, the Fokker 100 is a 100 seat plane carrier focused around the F-28 Fellowship, however extended and altogether modernized.

Fokker reported it was creating the Fokker 100 at the same time with the Fokker 50 turboprop in November 1983. The Fokker 100 is focused around the fundamental F-28 airframe, with the most essential and clear change being the extended fuselage, expanding greatest seating to 122, contrasted and 85 in the F-28-4000 (on which the 100 is based). Different progressions incorporate more prudent Rollsroyce Tay turbofans (which, dissimilar to the F-28's Speys, fit in with Stage 3 commotion breaking points), amended wing configuration with more prominent compass and air movement optimized proficiency (Fokker asserted it to be 30% more proficient than the F-28's), a present day EFIS glass flightdeck, upgraded lodge inside in addition to different frameworks and various gear changes.

The Fokker 100's first flight happened on November 30 1986, affirmation was honored in November 1987 and the first client conveyance, to Swissair, happened in February 1988.

The Fokker 100 was offered in various adaptations including higher terrible weight alternatives of the standard carrier, the Fokker 100qc Quick change aerial shuttle or tanker with a vast forward cargo entryway and the Fokker Executive Jet 100 corporate shuttle or VIP transport, fitted with extravagance inner parts to client necessities. It additionally structures the premise for the shorter Fokker 70, while the 130 seat class Fokker 130 had likewise been mulled over.

Fokker caved in 1996 and wound up generation early the accompanying year. Rekkof (Fokker counter directionally) Restart has been arranging to re-open the Fokker 70 and 100 lines.

Pictures of Fokker 100