FFA AS-202 Bravo

  • CountrySwitzerland
  • TypeTwo seat basic trainer and aerobatic light aircraft
  • PowerplantsAS-202/15 - One 110kW (150hp) Lycoming O-320-E2A flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch McCauley propeller. AS-202/18A-4 - One 135kW (180hp) fuel injected Textron Lycoming AEIO-360-B1F driving a two blade constant speed Hartzell propeller, or optionally a three blade Hoffmann prop.
  • PerformanceAS-202/15 - Max cruising speed 210km/h (114kt), economical cruising speed 203km/h (110kt). Initial rate of climb 633ft/min. Service ceiling 14,000ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 890km (480nm). AS-202/18A-4 - Max speed 240km/h (130kt), max cruising speed 226km/h (122kt), economical cruising speed 205km/h (110kt). Initial rate of climb 800ft/min. Service ceiling 17,000ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 1140km (615nm).
  • WeightsAS-202/15 - Empty equipped 630kg (1388lb), max takeoff 999kg (2202lb) for Utility category, 885kg (1951lb) for Aerobatic. AS-202/18A-4 - Operating empty 710kg (1565lb), max takeoff 1080kg (2380lb) for Utility category, 1050kg (2315lb) for Aerobatic category.
  • DimentionsWing span 9.75m (32ft 0in), length 7.50m (24ft 7in), height 2.81m (9ft 3in). Wing area 13.9m2 (149.2sq ft).
  • CapacityTwo pilots side by side, plus one passenger in rear.
  • ProductionApproximately 34 15s and 180 18s built, with most in service with military customers.

In spite of the fact that to a great extent in operation with military air arms as a fundamental mentor, little quantities of the FFA Bravo are additionally in regular citizen hands, utilized principally as aerobatic and essential pilot mentors.

Configuration of the Bravo goes again to the late 1960s, with unique outline work embraced by SIAI-Marchetti of Italy, yet with generation and consequent advancement work the obligation of FFA (an organization initially settled by Dornier as its Swiss subsidiary).

The primary model to fly was Swiss fabricated, it took to the air shockingly on March 7 1969. An Italian manufactured model took after not long after on May 7, while the first creation standard flying machine flew on December 22 1971.

Starting creation focused on the AS-202/15 and 34 were fabricated through to the early 1980s. The authoritative generation model was the AS-202/18a-4, which first flew in August 1974 and got its accreditation in late 1975. This rendition contrasts from the first 15 in having an all the more compelling 135kw (180hp) motor. The rule common Bravo administrator was British Aerospace Flight Training (Prestwick) in Scotland which worked 11 (named Wrens). One slammed, however the staying 10 were sold to Finland where they now fly with Pilot Factory Flight Training (Helsinki).

Two different models have been produced, albeit single airplane of each one have flown just. The main was the 195kw (260hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO-540 controlled Bravo AS-202/26a, which first flew in 1979, the second was the 240kw (320shp) Allison 250-B17c turbine fueled Bravo AS-202/32tp which flew in 1991. Swiss accreditation was recompensed in 1995.

The Bravo is still offered available to be purchased albeit none have been conveyed since 1989. Without Bravo generation FFA assembles parts for different makers under subcontract.

Pictures of FFA AS-202 Bravo