Embraer ERJ-145

  • CountryBrazil
  • Type50 seat regional jet airliner
  • PowerplantsERJ-145ER - Two 31.3kN (7040lb) Rolls-Royce AE-3007A turbofans. ERJ-145LR - Two 33.0kN (7426lb) AE-3007A1s.
  • PerformanceHigh speed cruising speed 833km/h (450kt). Service ceiling 37,000ft. ERJ-145ER - Range with 50 passengers at long range cruising speed 2445km (1320nm). ERJ-145LR - Range with 50 passengers at long range cruising speed 2870km (1550nm).
  • WeightsERJ-145ER - Operating empty 11,667kg (25,722lb), max takeoff 20,600kg (45,415lb). ERJ-145LR - Operating empty 12,007kg (26,470lb), max takeoff 22,000kg (48,500lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 20.04m (65ft 9in), length 29.87m (98ft 0in), height 6.75m (22ft 2in). Wing area 51.2m2 (550.9sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Standard passenger accommodation for 50 at three abreast and 79cm (31in) pitch. Alternative seating for 48 or 49 with wardrobe fitted.
  • ProductionBy early 2005 648 EMB-145s had been delivered and 67 more were on order.

In spite of a checkered early advancement history, the 50 seat ERJ-145 has turned into a runaway deals achievement.

Embraer started chipping away at 50 seat local plane ideas in the late 1980s. The first EMB-145 (the advertising assignment later got to be ERJ-145) was propelled in mid 1989 and would have been an extended and plane engined EMB-120 Brasilia. Peculiarities of this configuration incorporated a straight wing with winglets and the two turbofans mounted forward of the wing as on most low wing turboprops. This configuration would have situated 45 to 50 travelers and offered 75% shared characteristic with the Brasilia. In that setup cruising velocity would have been 740km/h (400kt) and range with a 4500kg (9920lb) payload 2500km (1350nm).

However by 1990 Embraer was considering an altered outline with less shared trait to the Brasilia as wind shaft testing uncovered that the first design would not achieve its plan execution destinations. Progressions to this interval configuration incorporated a gently cleared wing with winglets (wing scope of 22.3â°) and routine beneath wing mounted motors. Wind shaft testing demonstrated that this setup met outline destinations anyway it had a significant downside in that it would have required an abnormally high undercarriage.

Therefore in late 1991 Embraer solidified the ERJ-145 outline with back fuselage mounted motors and T-tail, and no winglets. Different gimmicks incorporate Rolls-Royce (Allison) AE-3007a turbofans and a Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS aeronautics suite with five shade CRT screens in the flightdeck. The Brasilia's three side by side fuselage cross segment was held.

The ERJ-145's first flight occurred on August 11 1995 with first conveyances from December 1996 to Continental Express. Mainland's beginning request for 25 was a major fillup for the project and opened the conduits for various significant deals.

Embraer has created a few renditions of the ERJ-145, the starting ERJ-145er, the higher max takeoff weight longer go ERJ-145lr presented in 1998 and most as of late the ERJ-145xr (Extra Long Range). The 145xr first flew on June 29 2001 and entered administration in October 2002. It gimmicks uprated yet more fuel proficient 36kn (8110lb) motors, winglets, 24,100kg (53,131lb) max takeoff weight, a max cruising velocity of Mach 0.8 (852km/h/460kt) and expanded fuel limit for a 3705km (2000nm) extent. The ERJ-145ep and -EU are -Ers with distinctive max takeoff weights, and the ERJ-145lu and -MP are -Lrs with diverse max takeoff weights.

Other EMB-145 improvements are the Aew&c (Airborne Early Warning and Control) EMB-145sa with an Erieye radar on top of the fuselage (presenting with the Brazilian Air Force as R-99a), the EMB-145aew which is the fare variation of the EMB-145sa (for Greece and Mexico), the EMB-145rs, a remote sensing variation (presenting with the Brazilian Air Force as the R-99b and with the Mexican Air Force) and the sea watch and ASW EMB-145mp/ASW which will present with the Brazilian Air Force as P-99. The standard EMB-145er serves as the C-99a in the Brazilian Air Force.

Since mid 2004, the ERJ-145 is likewise amassed in China by Harbin Embraer.

The shorter fuselage ERJ-135 and ERJ-140 and the corporate transport EMB-135bj Legacy are depicted independently.

Pictures of Embraer ERJ-145