Embraer ERJ-135/140 & Legacy

  • CountryBrazil
  • Type37 and 44 seat regional jet airliner and corporate jet
  • PowerplantsERJ-135LR- Two 33.0kN (7426lb) Rolls-Royce AE-3007A1/3 turbofans. ERJ-140LR- Same.
  • PerformanceERJ-135ER - Max cruising speed 834km/h (450kt). Service ceiling 37,000ft. Time to 35,000ft 21min. Takeoff field length at MTOW 1610m (5282ft). Range with 37 passengers 2650km (1430nm). ERJ-135LR - Takeoff field length at MTOW 1722m (5650ft). Range with 37 passengers 3138km (1700nm). ERJ-140LR - Same except range with 44 passengers 3019km (1630nm).
  • WeightsERJ-135ER - Empty equipped 10,684kg (23,554lb), max takeoff 19,000kg (41,888lb). ERJ-135LR - Operating empty 11,420kg (25,176lb), max takeoff 20,000kg (44,092lb). ERJ-140LR - Operating empty 11,740kg (25,882lb), max takeoff 21.100kg (46,517lb).
  • DimentionsERJ-135 & Legacy - Wing span 20.04m (65ft 9in), length 26.34m (86ft 5in), height 6.75m (22ft 2in). Wing area 51.2m2 (550.9sq ft). ERJ-140 - Same except length 28.45m (93ft 5in).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. ERJ-135 - Standard seating for 37 passengers at three abreast. ERJ-140 - Standard seating for 44 passengers at three abreast.
  • ProductionBy early 2005 a total of 231 (plus 2 conversions) EMB-135s had been built, including 123 ERJ-135, 74 ERJ-140 and 34 Legacy. Orders for 56 were still outstanding.

The ERJ-135 and later ERJ-140 are abbreviated advancements of the 50 seat ERJ-145, while the Legacy is a corporate advancement of the ERJ-135.

Embraer dispatched the ERJ-135 on September 16 1997. Only nine and a half months passed before first flight on July 4 1998 (after rollout on May 12 that year). A second model first flew in October 1998, US FAA affirmation was granted on July 16 1999 and first conveyance was to Continental Express on July 23 1999.

The velocity of the improvement system delineates that the ERJ-135 is a decently straightfoward advancement of the 145. Both 135 models were changed over from ERJ-145 models, obliging little adjustment other than the evacuation of two fuselage fittings totalling 3.50m (11ft 6in) long.

Different progressions contrasted and the -145 are minor. Both are fueled by Rolls-Royce (Allison) AE-3007 turbofans however the ERJ-135's are derated by around 5%, attained by a slight programming change to the motors' FADEC framework. The main other eminent change is new valves circulating everywhere molding framework.

Like the ERJ-145 thusly, the 135 likewise emphasizes a Honeywell Primus 1000 aeronautics suite with five expansive multifunction shows in the cockpit, a Sundstrand APU and three side by side seating in the fundamental lodge.

Likewise in the same way as the ERJ-145, the 135 is offered in standard ERJ-135er and broadened extent ERJ-135lr structures. The LR characteristics an extra fuel tank and marginally all the more influential AE-3007a4 turbofans.

Few new aerial transports have sold as fast from their dispatch as the ERJ-135. Expanding on the achievement of the 145, the 135's request book remained at 145 at late 1998, scarcely a year after dispatch. The airplane's two greatest clients were American Eagle which requested 75 and optioned 75 at the 1998 Farnborough Airshow to join 42 firm requested ERJ-145s, and Continental Express with 25 firm and 50 optioned to supplement 75 ERJ-145s it had on request.

In September 1999 Embraer dispatched the third part of its local fly family, the 44 seat ERJ-140. The ERJ-140 is likewise a base change improvement, and varies from the 135 and 145 just in its fuselage length and seating limit. To start with flight was on June 27 2000 and conveyances started in late July 2001.

The 140 is generally gone for US carriers who need to battle with pilot work understanding limitations on the quantities of 50 seater planes they can work. American Eagle was the dispatch client.

Then at Farborough 2000 Embraer dispatched advancement of the ERJ-135 based Legacy corporate plane. In the first place flight (of a changed over ERJ-135) was on March 2001. The Legacy emphasizes extra fuel giving a reach with 10 travelers of 5930km (3200nm).

In spite of the fact that the showcasing assignments are ERJ-135, ERJ-140 and Legacy, the confirmation assignments stay as EMB-135er/LR for the ERJ-135er/LR, EMB-135kl for the ERJ-140lr and EMB-135bj for the Legacy.

Pictures of Embraer ERJ-135/140 & Legacy