Dornier Do 27

  • CountryGermany
  • TypeFour to six seat STOL utility light aircraft
  • PowerplantsDo 27H2 - One 255kW (340hp) Lycoming GSO480B1B6 flat six piston engine driving a three blade Hartzell propeller. Do 27Q5 - One 200kW (270hp) GSO480B1A6 driving a two blade prop.
  • PerformanceDo 27H2 - Max speed 245km/h (132kt), high speed cruise 212km/h (115kt), economical cruising speed 180km/h (97kt). Initial rate of climb 965ft/min. Service ceiling 22,000ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 1360km (735nm). Do 27Q5 - Max speed 232km/h (125kt), 75% power cruising speed 211km/h (114kt), 60% power cruising speed 190km/h (103kt), economical cruising speed 175km/h (95kt). Initial rate of climb 650ft/min. Service ceiling 10,800ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 1102km (595nm).
  • WeightsDo 27H2 - Empty equipped 1170kg (2580lb), max takeoff 1848kg (4070lb). Do 27Q5 - Empty equipped 1130kg (2490lb), max takeoff 1848kg (4070lb).
  • DimentionsDo 27H2 & Q5 - Wing span 12.00m (39ft 5in), length 9.60m (31ft 6in), height 2.80m (9ft 2in). Wing area 19.4m2 (208.8sq ft).
  • CapacityPilot and passenger side by side with between four and six passengers behind them. Can carry freight with rear seats removed.
  • ProductionTotal Do 27 production of 577, including 195 Do 27A1s, 75 Do 27A3s, 54 A4s, 88 D1s, 18 B3s, one H1, 12 H2s, one Q3, 34 Q4s and one Q5.

The Dornier Do 27 was the first military flying machine to be produced in amount in what was West Germany since World War 2, and it was additionally inherent constrained numbers for common clients.

The Do 27 follows back to the Do 25, which Professor Claude (Dornier was in charge of the Do 17 medium aerial attacker in Ww2) outlined in Spain for a Spanish military necessity for a light universally useful utility flying machine. Two model Do 25s were fabricated, the first was fueled by a 110kw (150hp) ENMA Tigre GIVB motor and flew shockingly on June 25 1954. Therefore CASA manufactured 50 generation airplane as Do 27as for the Spanish flying corps (Spain assigned the sort C127).

Emulating this achievement the German military requested the Do 27 in expansive numbers. Approximately 428 were conveyed to Germany's military from the mid 1950s to 1960, despite the fact that these flying machine have following been resigned. Little numbers were constructed for other military clients, and others for business utilization.

Peculiarities of the Do 27 outline incorporate a level six Lycoming motor, a wide and generally large lodge, wide track undercarriage and phenomenal STOL execution. The STOL execution specifically suited the Do 27 for utilization in undeveloped nations, and a few have seen benefit in Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Do 27 models incorporate the starting Do 27a and double control Do 27b for Germany; the Do 27h arrangement that was focused around the A4 however with an all the more capable motor and three edge prop; and the Do 27q arrangement, proportionate to the Do 27a.

Pictures of Dornier Do 27