Dornier 328

  • CountryGermany
  • Type30 seat regional turboprop airliner
  • PowerplantsTwo 1625kW (2180shp) takeoff rated Pratt & Whitney Canada PW119B turboprops driving six blade Hartzell propellers.
  • Performance328-110 - Max cruising speed 620km/h (335kt). Design cruising altitude 25,000ft or optionally 31,000ft. Range with 30 passengers and reserves at max cruising speed and 25,000ft cruising altitude 1665km (900nm), at 31,000ft 1850km (1000nm).
  • Weights328-110 - Operating empty 8920kg (19,665lb), max takeoff 13,990kg (30,842lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 20.98m (68ft 10in), length 21.22m (69ft 8in), height 7.24m (23ft 9in). Wing area 40.0m2 (430.6sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Typical passenger seating for 30 to 33 at three abreast, max seating for 39 at four abreast.
  • ProductionTotal 328 production of 112, incl 105 production aircraft. 95 in service in late 2002.

The 30 seat Dornier 328 is an advanced local turboprop air transport that offers high cruising speeds and progressed frameworks.

Advancement of the 328 follows back to Dornier's mid 1980s statistical surveying that demonstrated there existed a significant business for local aerial transports in the 30 seat class through to 2005. Firm 328 advancement work started in December 1988, finingish in the first improvement air ship's first flight on December 6 1991.

The 328 was granted confirmation in October 1993. Initially client conveyances additionally happened in October 1993.

The 328 configuration consolidates an all new fuselage area for three side by side seating (offering more width for every traveler than the 727/737) joined together with the same fundamental supercritical wing of the prior Dornier 228. Clean air motion give the 328 amazing fast voyage and ascension execution. Composite materials are utilized within various ranges (especially the tail) to lessen weight and the edges on the Hartzell props are composite. The flightdeck characteristics a five screen Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS flying framework, while with heads-up presentations the 328 could be met all requirements for Cat Iiia landings.

Modern accomplices on the 328 incorporate Daewoo Heavy Industries (fuselage), Aermacchi (nose), Westland (nacelles) and Israel Aircraft Industries (wing), representing 40% of the airplane's development.

Variations of the 328 are the introductory creation standard 328-100, the standard 328-110 with a bigger dorsal balance, heavier weights and more prominent reach, the 328-120 with Pw119c motors and enhanced short field execution and the 328-130 with dynamic rudder power decrease with expanding velocity.

At different times Dornier examined 50 seat extends of the 328, yet all were deserted. Dornier additionally concentrated on building a 328 demonstrator fueled by hydrogen. The fluid hydrogen fuel would have been put away in two outside tanks under the wings and detachable of the motors.

The last 328 was conveyed to Air Alps Aviation in Austria in October 1999. The 328jet provincial plane advancement is depicted independently.

Fairchild Aerospace procured 80% of Dornier in right on time June 1996 to structure Fairchild Dornier Gmbh, however generation of the 328 had halted as of now before the Fairchild Dornier name got to be successful August 8, 2000.

Pictures of Dornier 328