Dassault Falcon 900

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeLarge transcontinental range corporate jet
  • Powerplants900B - Three 21.1kN (4750lb) AlliedSignal TFE731-5BRs. 900EX - Three 22.3kN (5000lb) TFE731-60s.
  • Performance900B - Max cruising speed 927km/h (500kt), economical cruising speed Mach 0.75. Max certificated altitude 51,000ft. Range with 15 passenger and reserves 7116km (3840nm), with eight passengers and reserves at Mach 0.80 7150km (3860nm). 900EX - Range with eight passengers at Mach 0.80 8020km (4330nm), at long range cruising speed 8335km (4500nm).
  • Weights900B - Empty equipped 10,255kg (22,611lb), max takeoff 20,640kg (45,500lb). 900EX - Empty equipped 10,830kg (23,875lb), max takeoff 21,909kg (48,300lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 19.33m (63ft 5in), length 20.21m (66ft 4in), height 7.55m (24ft 9in). Wing area 49.0m2 (527.43sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Main passenger cabin seating for between eight and 15 passengers, or up to 18 in a high density configuration.
  • ProductionOver 260 Falcon 900s (including 7 900Cs, 74 900EXs, and 2 900MSAs) delivered by mid 2000.

The Falcon 900 intercontinental extent trijet is a significantly reexamined advancement of the Falcon 50.

Dassault reported it was creating another intercontinental run extensive size business plane focused around the Falcon 50 on May 27 1983 at the Paris Airshow. The model, "Soul of Lafayette", flew shockingly on September 21 1984. A second model flew on August 30 1985, and this airplane exhibited the sort's long go potential by flying persevering from Paris to Little Rock, Arkansas in the USA for an exhibition visit. French affirmation was recompensed on March 14 1986, FAA certificate emulated on March 21, and first client conveyances happened in December that year.

While of comparable general arrangement to the Falcon 50, the Falcon 900 intoduced an all new more extensive and more fuselage which can situate three travelers side by side. The primary shared characteristic with the Falcon 50 is the wing, which in spite of being intended for a respectably lighter airplane, was adjusted just about straightforwardly unaltered. In outlining the Falcon 900 Dassault made utilization of machine helped demonstrating, while the airplane's structure joins a level of composite materials.

Two Falcon 900s entered administration with the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency for the long-run oceanic observation part as the Falcon 900msa, furnished with inquiry radar, uncommon correspondences gear, perception windows, a control station, and a drop hatch.

From 1991 the standard generation model was the Falcon 900b, which varies from the prior 900 in having all the more influential motors, expanded extent, the capacity to work from ill-equipped strips and Category II perceivability approach freedom. Prior generation 900s could be retrofitted to 900b standard.

The Falcon 900ex is a more extended reach improvement dispatched in October 1994. It offers Tfe731-60 motors, a Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS flight suite, discretionary Flight Dynamics head-up presentations, expanded fuel limit and more noteworthy extent. Its first flight was on June 1 1995 and first conveyance was in May 1996.

The most recent Falcon 900 model is the 900c. Uncovered in 1998, the C is an improvement of the B however joins the progressed Honeywell Primus aeronautics of the 900ex, yet without autothrottles. The 900c supplanted the 900b in the Falcon product offering with first conveyances in right on time 2000.

From 2003 the 900ex will present Dassault's Easy flying working framework with four shade shows, cursor control gadgets and multifunction consoles.

Pictures of Dassault Falcon 900