Dassault Mystère/Falcon 10 & 100

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeLight corporate jet
  • Powerplants10 & 100 - Two 14.4kN (3230lb) Garrett TFE7312 turbofans.
  • Performance10 - Max cruising speed 912km/h (492kt). Range with four passengers and reserves 3560km (1920nm). 100 - Max cruising speed same. Range with four passengers and reserves 3480km (1880nm).
  • Weights10 - Empty equipped 4880kg (10,760lb), max takeoff 8500kg (18,740lb). 100 - Empty equipped 5055kg (11,145lb), max takeoff 8755kg (19,300lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 13.08m (42ft 11in), length 13.86m (45ft 6in), height 4.61m (15ft 2in). Wing area 24.1m2 (259sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two on flightdeck. Main cabin is typically configured to seat four in an executive club seating arrangement. Main cabin can seat up to seven in Falcon 10 or eight in Falcon 100 in a high density layout. Can be configured for air ambulance, aerial photography and navaid calibration missions.
  • ProductionIn addition to three prototypes, 226 Falcon 10s and Falcon 100s (including seven military MERs & 31 Falcon 100s), were built between 1973 and 1990, of which 208 were in civil service in late 1998.

The child of Dassault's corporate plane lineup, the Falcon 10 and Falcon 100 arrangement (Mystã¨re 10 and Mystã¨re 100 in France) sold in great numbers amid a generation run that endured just about two decades.

In idea a scaled down Falcon/Mystã¨re 20, the Falcon 10/100 was an all new plan with the exception of comparative wing high lift gadgets. Considered in the late 1960s, the Falcon 10 was the second part of the Dassault Falcon family to be created. Dassault initially expected the Falcon 10 be fueled by two General Electric Cj610 turbojets, and a Cj610 controlled model first flew on December 1 1970.

Flight testing was postponed until May 1971 while progressions were made to the wing outline, including expanding the wing sweepback edge. The second model was the first to be controlled by Garrett Tfe731 turbofans, and it finished its first flight on October 15 1971. Flight testing was finished with the help of a third model, and French and US accreditation was honored in September 1973. Conveyances of creation airplane started that November.

While just about all Falcon 10 creation was for common clients, the French war fleet requested seven, assigned the Mystã¨re 10 MER, as multi reason pilot mentors. Missions incorporate recreation of focuses for Super Etendard pilots and instrument preparing.

The enhanced Falcon 100 supplanted the Falcon 10 in generation in the mid 1980s. Certificated in December 1986, progressions incorporate a discretionary early EFIS glass cockpit, a higher most extreme takeoff weight, a fourth lodge window on the right side and a bigger unpressurised back stuff compartment.

Generation of the Falcon 100 stopped in 1990 with the last conveyed that Seeptember.

Pictures of Dassault Mystère/Falcon 10 & 100