Dassault Falcon 50

  • CountryFrance
  • TypeLong range mid size corporate jet
  • Powerplants50 - Three 16.5kN (3700lb) AlliedSignal TFE7313 turbofans. 50EX - Three 16.5kN (3700lb) TFE73140s.
  • Performance50 - Max cruising speed 880km/h (475kt), long range cruising speed 797km/h (430kt). Max operating altitude 45,000ft. Range with eight passengers and reserves 5715km (3084nm). 50EX - Range with eight passengers at Mach 0.80 5600km (3025nm), at Mach 0.75 6046km (3265nm).
  • Weights50 - Empty equipped 9150kg (20,170lb), standard max takeoff 17,600kg (38,800lb), or optionally 18,500kg (40,780lb). 50EX - Empty equipped 9603kg (21,270lb), max takeoff 18,005kg (39,700lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 18.86m (61ft 11in), length 18.52m (61ft 11in), height 6.98m (22ft 11in). Wing area 46.8m2 (504.1sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two pilots. A number of cabin seating arrangements offered. Seating for eight or nine with aft toilet, or for up to 12 with forward toilet. Max accommodation for 19. Can accommodate three stretchers, two medical attendants and medical equipment in a medevac role.
  • ProductionMore than 275 have been delivered since 1979.

The trijet Falcon 50 is an extremely considerable long go redesign focused around the prior twinjet Mystã¨re/Falcon 20 and 200 crew.

The Dassault Falcon 50 was created for long run trans Atlantic and transcontinental flight parts, utilizing the Falcon 20 as the configuration premise. Then again, to meet the 6440km (3475nm) reach prerequisite critical progressions imply that the Falcon 50 is in every practical sense an all new flying machine.

Key new peculiarities incorporate three 16.6kn (3700lb) Garrett Tfe731 turbofans, set up of the Falcon 20's two General Electric Cf700s, mounted on another territory ruled tail segment, in addition to another supercritical wing of more prominent region than that on the 20 and 200. Hawk 20 segments held incorporate the nose and fuselage cross segment.

The principal flight of the model Falcon 50 happened in November 1976, in spite of the fact that it wasn't until March 7 1979 that FAA accreditation was allowed. Meanwhile the configuration had been changed to fuse the supercritical wing, despite the fact that the first wing's essential planform was held. A second model first flew on February 18 1978, the first preproduction flying machine after on June 13 1978. Initially client conveyances started in July 1979.

In April 1995 Dassault published the long run Falcon 50ex with more fuel productive Tfe73140 turbofans, 740km (400nm) more prominent reach (at Mach 0.80) than the base Falcon 50 and another EFIS flightdeck focused around the Falcon 2000's with Collins Pro Line 4 flying. The 50ex additionally offers as standard supplies things offered as choices just on the standard Falcon 50.

The Falcon 50ex's lady flight was on April 10 1996, with French and US accreditation in November and December 1996 individually. In the first place conveyance (to Volkswagen) was in the accompanying January.

The Surmar is an oceanic watch adaptation of the 50 requested by the French war fleet (fitted with a FLIR and pursuit radar

Pictures of Dassault Falcon 50