Cessna 208 Caravan I, Grand Caravan & Cargomaster

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeSingle turboprop utility transport
  • Powerplants208 - One 450kW (600shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114 turboprop driving a three blade variable pitch Hartzell propeller. 208-675, 208B Super Cargomaster & Grand Caravan - One 505kW (675shp) PT6A-114A.
  • Performance208A - Max cruising speed 340km/h (184kt). Initial rate of climb 1215ft/min. Range with max fuel and reserves 1797km (970nm), range with max fuel and reserves 2066km (1115nm). 208B Super Cargomaster - Max cruising speed 317km/h (171kt). Max initial rate of climb 770ft/min. Range with max fuel and reserves 2000km (1080nm). Grand Caravan - Max cruising speed 337km/h (182kt). Max initial rate of climb 975ft/min. Range with max fuel and reserves 1667km (900nm).
  • Weights208A - Empty 1725kg (3800lb), max takeoff 3310kg (7300lb). 208B Super Cargomaster - Empty 2073kg (4570lb), max takeoff 3970kg (8750lb). Grand Caravan - Empty equipped 2250kg (4965lb), max takeoff 3970kg (8750lb).
  • Dimentions208A - Wing span 15.88m (52ft 1in), length 11.46m (37ft 7in), height 4.32m (14ft 2in). Wing area 26.0m2 (279.4sq ft). 208B - Same except for length 12.67m (41ft 7in).
  • Capacity208A - Pilot and typically nine passengers, or up to 14 with an FAA FAR Part 23 waiver. Cargo capacity 1360kg (3000lb). 208B - Passenger accommodation same. Cargo capacity for 1587kg (3500lb). Grand Caravan - One pilot and up to 14 passengers.
  • Production1000th unit delivered in October 1998. More than 60% of production sold outside the United States.

With arrangements surpassing the 1000 check the profitable Caravan is a popular utility workhorse as far and wide as possible.

Layout work for the Caravan moves toward the early eighties. In any case flight of a model happened on December 9 1982 and insistence was yielded in October 1984. Right when era began the going hand in hand with year it transformed into the first all new single engine turboprop energized plane to achieve creation status.

The Caravan I has had a close-by association with US package load expert Federal Express (Fedex), on whose request Cessna especially made two unadulterated freight structures. The principle of these was the 208a Cargomaster (40 passed on), the second was the broadened 208b Super Cargomaster (260 passed on). The essential Super Cargomaster flew in 1986 and quirks a 1.22m (4ft) stretch and more noticeable payload point of confinement, including an under fuselage load pannier. Fedex's carrier need cabin windows.

The 208b Grand Caravan first flew in 1990 and like the Super Cargomaster is an augmented variation of the central Caravan controlled by a 505kw (675shp) Pt6a-114. It can seat up to 14 voyagers.

Publicized at the 1997 NBAA convention, the 208-675 has supplanted the principal 208. It joins the standard length airframe of the 208 with the all the additionally convincing Pt6a-114 of the 208b.

Underbelly payload cases, floats and skis are offered as decisions on the Caravan I family, and the sort is successfully changed over from freight to explorer setups.

A military/extraordinary missions variation of the 208a, named the U-27a, is similarly on offer. The Brazilian Air Force task is C-98.

Soloy is advancing a twofold engine change of the 208b, named Pathfinder 21. This version is filled by a 991kw (1329shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada/Soloy Dual Pac powerplant, including two Pt6d-114a engines driving a single propeller. Other perceiving quirks of the Pathfinder 21 fuse a 72in hotel stretch out behind the wing and an enormous essential burden case.

Pictures of Cessna 208 Caravan I, Grand Caravan & Cargomaster