Cessna 210 Centurion

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeHigh performance four to six seat light aircraft
  • Powerplants210L - One 225kW (300hp) Continental IO-520-L fuel injected flat six piston engine driving a three blade constant speed McCauley prop. T210M - One 230kW (310hp) fuel injected and turbocharged TSIO-520-R, driving a constant speed three blade prop. P210R - One 240kW (325hp) turbocharged and fuel injected TSIO-520-CE.
  • Performance210L - Max speed 324km/h (175kt), max cruising speed 317km/h (171kt), long range cruising speed 249km/h (134kt). Initial rate of climb 950ft/min. Service ceiling 17,300ft. Max range with reserves 1972km (1065nm). T210M - Max speed 380km/h (205kt), max cruising speed 367km/h (198kt), long range cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1030ft/min. Service ceiling 28,500ft. Range at long range cruising speed 1455km (785nm). P210R - Max speed 417km/h (225kt) at 20,000ft, max cruising speed 394km/h (213kt) at 23,000ft. Initial rate of climb 1150ft/min. Service ceiling 25,000ft. Range with reserves and optional fuel 2205km (1190nm).
  • Weights210L - Empty 1015kg (2238lb), max takeoff 1725kg (3800lb). T210M - Empty 1022kg (2250lb), max takeoff 1725kg (3800lb). P210R - Empty 1120kg (2470lb), max takeoff 1860kg (4100lb).
  • Dimentions210 - Wing span 11.15m (36ft 9in), length 8.59m (28ft 2in). Wing area 16.3m2 (175.5sq ft). T210M - Wing span 11.21m (36ft 9in), length 8.59m (28ft 2in), height 2.87m (9ft 5in). Wing area same. P210R - Wing span 11.84m (38ft 10in), length 8.59m (28ft 2in), height 2.95m (9ft 8in). Wing area 17.2m (185.5sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four with optional seating for extra two children in some models, or seating for six adults in later versions.
  • ProductionTotal 210, T210 and P210 production 9240 (including 843 P210s).

In the midst of its creation life the Cessna 210 was at the most noteworthy purpose of the Cessna single barrel engine model lineup, arranged between the 182 and the 310 twin.

At first flight of the 210 happened in January 1957. This new plane offered shockingly on a Cessna flying machine retractable undercarriage and cleared back vertical tail surfaces. The 210 entered creation in late 1959, and from that time the line was constantly updated.

Striking early updates fuse the 210b which exhibited the wraparound back windows, the 210d with an all the more successful (210kw/285hp) engine and introduced the Centurion name, and the turbocharged T210f. The 210g exhibited an alternate strutless cantilever wing, stretched fuel utmost, restyled back windows and broadened tail surfaces. Steady change of the 210 and T210 degree moved ahead through until era halted in 1985.

A significant progression of the T210 was the prevalent, pressurized P210 which at first appeared in 1978. The pressurization structure intimated that the lodge's inner part stature was relative to 8000ft when flying at 17,350ft.

In 1998 Cessna was considering giving back where its because of era.

Pictures of Cessna 210 Centurion