Cessna 172R/S Skyhawk

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour seat light aircraft
  • Powerplants172R - One 120kW (160hp) Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2A fuel injected flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch McCauley propeller. 172S - One 135kW (180hp) IO-360-L2A.
  • Performance172R - Max cruising speed at sea level 228km/h (123kt), cruising speed at 75% power at 8000ft 226km/h (122kt). Initial rate of climb from sea level 720ft/min. Service ceiling 13,500ft. Range 1272km (687nm). 172S - Max cruising speed at sea level 233km/h (126kt), cruising speed at 75% power at 8500ft 229km/h (124kt). Initial rate of climb 730ft/min. Range 880km (475nm).
  • Weights172R - Empty 726kg (1600lb), max takeoff 1111kg (2450lb). 172SP - Operating empty 730kg (1610lb), max takeoff 1160kg (2555lb)
  • DimentionsWing span 11.00m (36ft 1in), length 8.20m (26ft 11in), height 2.72m (8ft 11in). Wing area 16.3m2 (175.5sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four.
  • ProductionCessna 172R production restarted in 1996, with first deliveries in early 1997 - 579 built by Sept 30 1998. 172S delivered from late July 1998, 21 delivered by Sept 30 1998.

The Cessna 172r Skyhawk is potentially the most essential light air ship to enter generation in the 1990s as it is the advanced improvement of the most well known GA airplane ever.

Retreat and disabling item obligation laws in the USA constrained Cessna to stop generation of light airplane, including the 172, inside and out in 1985. It was not until the marking of the General Aviation Revitalisation Act by the US President in August 1994 that Cessna declared it would continue light airplane generation.

The new 172r Skyhawk is focused around the 172n (the past major Skyhawk generation model), yet emphasizes a fuel infused Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2a motor. Cessna says it is fundamentally quieter than the O-320 it supplanted as it creates its max power at just 2400rpm.

Different progressions incorporate another inner part with formed front seats which modify vertically and lean back, an all new multi level ventilation framework, standard four point radio, inside soundproofing, and vitality engrossing 26g seats with dormancy reel tackles.

The 172r gimmicks epoxy erosion sealing, stainless steel control links, a double vacuum pump framework, tinted windows, long extend fuel tanks, illuminated instruments with non glare glass and an annunciator board. 172r choices incorporate two flying bundles (unified with GPS, the other with IFR GPS and a solitary pivot autopilot) and wheel fairings.

A designing model 172r (a changed over 1978 172n) controlled by an IO-360 first flew in April 1995, while the first new form pilot generation 172r first flew on April 16 1996. This air ship was fabricated at Wichita, while creation 172rs are manufactured at an all new manufacturing plant in Independence, Kansas.

The higher execution 172s Skyhawk SP is pitched at `owner-clients'. Conveyed from July 1998 it offers an IO-360-L2a (as on the 172r) however evaluated at 135kw (180hp) by expanding rpm. It likewise emphasizes a 45kg (100lb) build in helpful payload, another prop and standard cowhide

Pictures of Cessna 172R/S Skyhawk