Bombardier Learjet 45

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeMid size corporate jet
  • PowerplantsTwo 15.7kN (3500lb) AlliedSignal TFE73120 turbofans.
  • PerformanceHigh cruising speed 857km/h (463kt), normal cruising speed 817km/h (441kt), long range cruising speed 804km/h (434kt). Max certificated altitude 51,000ft. Max range with four passengers and IFR reserves 3704km (2000nm).
  • WeightsEmpty 5466kg (12,050lb), basic operating empty 5783kg (12,750lb), max takeoff 9162kg (20,200lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 14.57m (47ft 10in), length 17.68m (58ft 0in), height 4.30m (14ft 1in). Wing area 29.0m2 (311.6sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Main cabin seating for eight to 10 passengers in a corporate configuration.
  • ProductionApproximately 200 delivered by late 2002.

The new Bombardier Learjet 45 is Learjet's most recent section into the medium size corporate plane business.

Bombardier claimed Learjet reported it was creating the Model 45 at the US National Business Aircraft Association's yearly tradition in Dallas in September 1992. To start with flight was on October 7 1995 (the 32nd commemoration of the first Lear 23), and, after a few postponements, US FAA certificate was allowed on September 22 1997. The main client air ship was conveyed in January 1998

The 45 is of exemplary Learjet outline and design. However various key configuration progressions were made ahead of schedule into the 45's outline life including a bigger blade and rudder, developed motor arches, more modest delta blades, full compass lifts, and single piece folds.

Bigger than the Learjet 31 and more modest than the 60, Learjet expresses that the 45's 1.50m (4.9ft) high and 1.55m (5.1ft) wide lodge will give more head and shoulder room than another airplane in its class. The lodge is intended to suit twofold club seating, a cookroom and a full width toward the back rest room, while eight windows line each one side of the lodge.

The flightdeck characteristics a four screen (two essential flight presentations and two multifunction shows) Honeywell Primus 1000 coordinated flying suite, while an APU is standard.

The 20 FADEC prepared adaptation of the demonstrated Alliedsignal Tfe731 motor was produced in collaboration with Learjet for the 45 and consolidates 60 outline progressions to build efficiency and diminish working and support costs.

While Learjet holds general 45 project administration, and is in charge of the air ship's outline, other Bombardier Group organizations partake in Learjet 45 generation. De Havilland Inc in Canada is in charge of wing development, while Shorts of Northern Ireland in the UK assembles the fuselage and empennage.

Pictures of Bombardier Learjet 45