Bombardier Learjet 55 & 60

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeMid size corporate jets
  • Powerplants55 - Two 16.5kN (3700lb) Garrett TFE7313A2B turbofans. 60 - Two 20.5kN (4600lb) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A turbofans.
  • Performance55C - Max speed 884km/h (477kt), max cruising speed 843km/h (455kt), economical cruising speed 778km/h (420kt). Service ceiling 51,000ft. Range with two crew, four passengers and reserves 4442km (2397nm) for 55C/LR. 60 - High cruising speed 839km/h (453kt), normal cruising speed 828km/h (447kt), long range cruising speed 778km/h (420kt). Max certificated altitude 51,000ft. Range with two crew, four passengers and IFR reserves 4461km (2409nm).
  • Weights55C - Empty 5832kg (12,858lb), operating empty 6013kg (13,258lb), max takeoff 9525-9752kg (21,000-21,500lb). 60 - Empty 6282kg (13,850lb), basic operating empty 6641kg (14,640lb), max takeoff 10,659kg (23,500lb).
  • Dimentions55 & 60 - Wing span 13.34m (43ft 9in), length 16.79m (55ft 1in), height 4.47m (14ft 8in). Wing area 24.6m2 (264.5sq ft).
  • Capacity55 - Flightcrew of two. Six different main cabin arrangements offered with seating ranging from four to eight. 60 - Flightcrew of two. Optional seating arrangements for six to nine passengers.
  • ProductionProduction of the Model 55 ceased in 1990 after 147 had been built. 141 55s in service at late 1998. Deliveries of Model 60 began in January 1993, with more than 130 delivered by late 1998.

The Learjet 55 and its followon successor, the Learjet 60, are the biggest parts of the Learjet family, and go again to improvement work embraced in the late 1970s.

In planning the 55, Learjet (or Gates Learjet as the organization was then known as) took the wing of the prior Longhorn 28/29 arrangement and wedded it to an all new bigger 10 seat fuselage. The first Model 55 Longhorn model first flew on November 15 1979. The principal creation air ship then flew on August 11 1980, with the initially conveyed in late April 1981 (after FAA certificate was conceded in March that year).

Advancement of the 55 prompted various sub variations, including the 55b which presented a computerized flightdeck, adjusted wings, enhanced inner part, and in particular, the past discretionary higher takeoff weights getting to be standard. The 55c presented `delta Fins' which gave various execution and taking care of points of interest, the 55c/ER is an expanded extent form with extra fuel in the tail cone (the extra tank might be retrofitted to prior flying machine), while the 55c/LR presented more fuel limit.

The enhanced Learjet 60 first flew in its fundamental conclusive structure in June 1991 (the adjusted Learjet 55 model prior served as an evidence of idea air ship for the 60 with Garrett motors). It contrasts from the 55 in having a 1.09m (43in) fuselage stretch and new Pratt & Whitney Canada Pw305 turbofans. Affirmation of the 60 was honored in January 1993, with first conveyances after quickly thereafter.

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