Bell 206 JetRanger

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight utility helicopter
  • Powerplants206B JetRanger II - One 300kW (400shp) Allison 250C20 turboshaft driving a two blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. 206B3 JetRanger III - One 315kW (420shp) Allison 250C20J.
  • Performance206B - Max cruising speed 219km/h (118kt). Initial rate of climb 1540ft/min. Range 702km (379nm). 206B3 - Max speed 225km/h (122kt), max cruising speed 214km/h (115kt). Initial rate of climb 1280ft/min. Range with max fuel and no reserves 732km (385nm).
  • Weights206B - Empty 660kg (1455lb), max takeoff 1360kg (3000lb). 206B3 - Empty 737kg (1635lb), max takeoff with external load 1521kg (3350lb), with internal load 1451kg (1500lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 10.16m (33ft 4in), fuselage length 9.50m (31ft 2in), height 2.91m (9ft 7in). Main rotor disc area 81.1m2 (872.7sq ft).
  • CapacityTotal accommodation for five, including one pilot and one passenger in the front, and three behind them on the rear bench seat. Max internal payload (Model 206B) 635kg (1400lb), max external sling load 680kg (1500lb).
  • ProductionOver 7700 military and civil versions of the JetRanger have been built by Bell in the USA and Canada, AgustaBell in Italy and other licensees. More than 4400 built for civilian customers.

The Jetranger arrangement has turned into the conclusive turbine controlled light utility and corporate helicopter of the previous three decades.

The Jetranger can follow its genealogy back to an unsuccessful contender for a US Army rivalry for a light perception helicopter, which was won by the Hughes 500. This first Model 206 made its first flight on December 8 1962, while the accompanying common 206a, controlled by a 235kw (317shp) Allison C18a, emulated, flying on January 10 1966. Conveyances of the first creation Jetrangers started late in that same year.

In the early 1970s creation exchanged to the Model 206b Jetranger II with a 300kw (400shp) 250c20 turboshaft, while transformation packs to redesign prior As to the new standard were made accessible. The third significant variation of the Jetranger is the 315kw (420shp) 250c20b controlled Jetranger III, with first conveyances initiating in late 1977. At the end of the day Bell offered a change pack to upgrade prior Jetrangers to the new standard. Different gimmicks presented on the Jetranger III were a bigger and enhanced tail rotor and minor alterations.

Jetranger generation was exchanged from Texas to Mirabel in Canada in 1986, where the current creation model remains the 206b3 Jetranger III.

The Jetranger was likewise acknowledged by the US Army as a perception helicopter as the Oh58 Kiowa, and variations of the Kiowa stay in creation in the USA. Military 206bs were additionally inherent Australia for the Australian Army, where arrangements were likewise held to construct regular citizen 206bs for the Australian showcase under permit, however these failed to work out.

Pictures of Bell 206 JetRanger