Bell 204/205/214B

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeMedium Lift Utility helicopter
  • Powerplants204B - One 820kW (1100shp) Lycoming T5311A turboshaft driving a two blade main rotor and a two blade tail rotor. 205A1 - One 932kW (1250shp) Lycoming T5313B turboshaft derated from 1050kW (1400shp). 214 - One 2185kW (2930shp) Lycoming T5508D or LTC4B-8D turboshaft.
  • Performance204B - Max speed 222km/h (120kt), max cruising speed 217km/h (117kt). Initial rate of climb 1600ft/min. Range with reserves 370km (200nm). 205A1 - Max speed 204km/h (110kt), cruising speed 180km/h (97kt). Initial rate of climb 1680ft/min. Range 553km (300nm) at 8000ft.
  • Weights204B - Empty 2085kg (4600lb), max takeoff 4310kg (9500lb). 205A1 - Empty 2414kg (5323lb), max takeoff 4765kg (10,500lb) with external load.
  • Dimentions204B - Main rotor diameter 14.63m (48ft 0in), fuselage length 12.69m (41ft 8in), height 4.45m (14ft 7in). Main rotor disc area 168.0m2 (1808sq ft). 205A1 - Same except for fuselage length 12.65m (41ft 6in).
  • Capacity204B - Total accommodation for 10 people, including one or two pilots, or 1360kg (3000lb) of freight. 205A1 - Total accommodation for 15 including one or two pilots plus 1815kg (4000lb) of cargo internally, or 2270kg (5000lb) externally on a sling load. Air ambulance configuration for six stretchers and one or two medical attendants.
  • ProductionOver 60 civil Model 204Bs were delivered by 1967, while further examples were built by AgustaBell up until 1973. 12,000 Model 205s (including civil 205A1s) were built by Bell and AgustaBell up to the early 1980s.

The Bell Model 204b and 205a1 are the common partners to the exceptionally effective Uh1b and Uh1h Iroquois military helicopters.

Ringer composed the Model 204 in light of a 1955 US Army necessity for a multi-reason utility helicopter. The 204 was something of a quantum jump forward in helicopter plan as it was one of the first to be controlled by a turboshaft. The turboshaft motor drastically enhanced the common sense of the helicopter as a result of its lower support and working expenses, lower fuel utilization, light weight and high power to weight degree. The utilization of a turboshaft in the 204 permitted it to convey a valuable payload over respectable reaches and at sensible velocities, which brought about the 204 and 205 turning into the best western helicopter arrangement as far as numbers constructed.

The Uh1b, from which the 204b was determined, was initially conveyed March 1961. The consequent Model 205a1 is focused around the Uh1h, which, when contrasted with the B model, is more noteworthy long and limit, has better execution and an all the more influential motor.

In common appearance the 204 and 205 have been worked in various utility parts including airborne cranes and firebombing.

Pictures of Bell 204/205/214B