Bell 206L LongRanger

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight utility helicopter
  • Powerplants206L LongRanger I - One 315kW (420shp) Allison 250C20B turboshaft driving a two blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. 206L1 LongRanger II - One 375kW (500shp) Allison 250C28B. 206L3 LongRanger III & 206L4 LongRanger IV - One 485kW (650shp) Allison 250C30P.
  • Performance206L - Max speed 232km/h (125kt), cruising speed 229km/h (124kt). Hovering ceiling in ground effect 8200ft. Range 628km (339nm). 206L1 - Same except for range 692km (374nm). 206L3 - Max speed 241km/h (130kt), max cruising speed 203km/h (110kt). Range with no reserves 666km (360nm) at 5000ft. 206L4 - Same except for range 661km (357nm) at 5000ft.
  • Weights206L - Empty 844kg (1861kg), max takeoff 1814kg (4000lb). 206L1 - Empty 980kg (2160lb), max takeoff 1882kg (4150lb). 206L3 - Empty 998kg (2200lb), max takeoff 1882kg (4150lb), or 1927kg (4250lb) with external sling load. 206L4 - Empty 1031kg (2274lb), max takeoff 2018kg (4450lb), or 2064kg (4550lb) with external sling load.
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 11.28m (37ft 0in), fuselage length 206L & 206L1 10.13m (33ft 3in), 206L3 10.44m (34ft 3in), 206L4 - 9.81m (32ft 2in); height 3.14m (10ft 4in). Main rotor disc area 99.9m2 (1075.2sq ft).
  • CapacityTotal seating for seven, including five passengers in main rear cabin, or four in an optional executive layout. Can accommodate two stretchers and two medical attendants in aerial ambulance configuration. External sling load capacity of 907kg (2000lb).
  • ProductionMore than 1600 LongRangers have been delivered including a small number for military customers.

Bell created the Longranger to offer a light helicopter with more noteworthy limit and utility over the Jetranger.

Bell reported it was creating an extended Jetranger in September 1973, the resulting Model 206l flew surprisingly on September 11 1974, and generation started in ahead of schedule 1975. The Longranger situates a further two travelers contrasted with the Jetranger, and presented an all the more capable motor and Nodamatic transmission suspension framework for more prominent traveler solace.

Ensuing variants have been the 206l1 Longranger II, presented in 1978, the 206l3 Longranger III, and the current 206l4 Longranger IV, presented in 1992. Every resulting form offers progressively all the more compelling motors and other minor enhancements. Longranger generation, alongside the Jetranger, was moved to Mirabel in Canada in 1986.

The Longranger has discovered support as a corporate transport, as well as with police and therapeutic administrations around the world, its additional lodge size giving an extremely valuable build in utility. Ringer as of now offers a twin engined Longranger, the Twinranger, while a US organization offers the twin motor Gemini ST change of the Longranger. It additionally structures the premise of the 407.

Pictures of Bell 206L LongRanger