Beech 60 Duke

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour or six place light business twin
  • Powerplants60 - Two 285kW (380hp) Lycoming TIO541E1A4 turbocharged fuel injected flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers. B60 - Two 285kW (380hp) Avco Lycoming TIO541E1C4s.
  • Performance60 - Max speed 460km/h (248kt), cruising speed 395km/h (214kt). Range with optional fuel and 45 minute reserves 1890km (1020nm). B60 - Max level speed 455km/h (246kt) at 23,000ft, max cruising speed 443km/h (239kt) at 25,000ft, cruising speed 431km/h (233kt) at 25,000ft. Initial rate of climb 1601ft/min. Service ceiling 30,000ft. Max range at 20,000ft with reserves 2078km (1122nm).
  • Weights60 - Empty equipped 1860kg (4100lb), max takeoff 3050kg (6725lb). B60 - Empty equipped 1987kg (4380lb), max takeoff 3073kg (6775lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 11.96m (39ft 3in), length 10.31m (33ft 10in), height 3.76m (12ft 4in). Wing area 19.8m2 (212.9sq ft).
  • CapacityStandard seating for four with optional fifth and sixth seats and toilet.
  • ProductionBeechcraft built 584 Dukes between 1968 and 1982, including 113 60s, 121 A60s and 350 B60s.

Between the Beech Baron and Queen Air in size, execution and general capacities, the Duke was a pioneer in the pressurized superior light business twin class.

Beechcraft started outline take a shot at its new Model 60 in ahead of schedule 1965, with the first flight of the model happening the accompanying year on December 29. US FAA Certification was granted on February 1 1968.

Outline gimmicks of the Duke incorporate turbocharged Lycoming Tio541 motors driving three razor sharp edge propellers and a 0.32 bars (4.6psi) internal compression differential. The airframe was built inexactly in light of the Baron's wing and undercarriage, in addition to another fuselage utilizing reinforced honeycomb development. Discretionary fuel tanks in the wings were offered, expanding extent.

Conveyances of the introductory 60 model started in July 1968. Further advancement prompted the enhanced A60. Showing up in 1970 it presented an improved pressurization framework and more life yet lighter turbochargers which expanded the most extreme elevation at which the motor could convey greatest force, consequently enhancing execution.

The complete model of the Duke family is the B60. New inside courses of action and more enhancements to the turbochargers were the principle progressions to this model, which initially showed up in 1974. Creation stopped in 1982.

Since its appearance the Duke has been viewed as something of a hot boat, with its superior in a moderately little bundle the principle fascination. On the other hand, this picture did not interpret into something besides unobtrusive deals on account of the Duke's generally unpredictable frameworks (turbochargers and pressurization among them) and high working expenses.

Pictures of Beech 60 Duke