Beech 35 Bonanza

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour & six seat high performance light aircraft
  • PowerplantsD35 - One 153kW (205hp) Continental E18511 flat six piston engine driving a two blade constant speed propeller. P35 - One 195kW (260hp) fuel injected Continental IO470N. V35TC - One 210kW (285hp) turbocharged and fuel injected Continental TSIO520D.
  • PerformanceD35 - Max speed 306km/h (165kt), cruising speed 281km/h (152kt). Initial rate of climb 1100ft/min. Range with no reserves 1247km (673nm). P35 - Max speed 330km/h (178kt), cruising speed 306km/h (165kt). Initial rate of climb 1150ft/min. Range with optional fuel and no reserves 1955km (1056nm). V35TC - Max speed 386km/h (208kt), max cruising speed 360km/h (194kt), long range cruising speed 262km/h (141kt). Initial rate of climb 1225ft/min. Range with standard fuel and reserves 917km (495nm), with opt fuel 1770km (955nm).
  • WeightsD35 - Empty 760kg (1675lb), max takeoff 1236kg (2725lb). P35 - Empty 841kg (1855lb), max takeoff 1418kg (3125lb). V35TC - Empty 907kg (2000lb), max takeoff 1542kg (3400lb).
  • DimentionsD35 - Wing span 10.00m (32ft 10in), length 7.67m (25ft 2in). Wing area 16.5m2 (177.6sq ft). P35 - Wing span 10.20m (33ft 6in), length 7.65m (25ft 1in). Wing area 16.8m2 (181sq ft). V35TC - Wing span 10.20m (33ft 6in), length 8.04m (26ft 5in), height 2.31m (7ft 7in). Wing area 16.8m2 (181sq ft).
  • CapacityModels 35 through to J35 seat four people, K35 optional fifth passenger, later models from S35 onwards six people.
  • ProductionApproximately 10,400 Model 35 Bonanzas of all variants were built between 1945 and 1982.

The different Model 35 Bonanza is one of general flight's most acclaimed and productive sorts, and delighted in a generation life spreading over four decades.

The Bonanza first flew on December 22 1945. Emphasizing metal development, retractable undercarriage and elite, it proclaimed another class of superior GA airplane. The outline additionally offered the unique Vtail, fused for air motion facilitating proficiency and lessened weight. Conveyances of creation flying machine started in 1947.

Resulting improvement prompted a huge group of subtypes. Quickly these are the A35 of 1949 with a more noteworthy max takeoff weight; the B35 with a 146kw (196hp) E1858 motor; the 153kw (205hp) E18511 controlled C, D and E demonstrates through to 1954; the F and G35 with third lodge window and 170kw (225hp) E2258 of the mid fifties; the 180kw (240hp) Continental O470g fueled H35 of 1957; the fuel infused 187kw (250hp) fueled J35; 1960's M35 with bigger back windows; and the N35 and P35 with a 195kw (260hp) Io470n and more noteworthy max takeoff weight.

At that point emulated the redeveloped S35 of 1964 with six seats and updated back lodge, discretionary three sharpened steel prop, 215kw (285hp) Io520b motor but more prominent weights; the heavier V35 of 1966; and turbocharged V35tc; V35a and V35atc of 1968 with more raked windscreen; and the V35b and V35btc (only seven assembled) from 1970. The V35b stayed in generation until 1982 and experienced various point of interest changes in that time.

Pictures of Beech 35 Bonanza