Beech 65/70/80/88 Queen Air

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeUtility, light executive transport and commuter airliner
  • Powerplants65 - Two 255kW (340hp) IGSO480A1E6 Lycoming fuel injected supercharged flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed propellers. B80 - Two 285kW (380hp) Lycoming IGSO540A1D piston engines.
  • Performance65 - Max speed 385km/h (208kt), max cruising speed 344km/h (186kt), long range cruising speed 267km/h (144kt). Range with reserves and standard fuel 1682km (908nm), with optional fuel 2670km (1442nm). B80 - Max speed 400km/h (215kt), max cruising speed 362km/h (195kt), typical cruising speed 335km/h (181kt). Range with reserves 1950km (1053nm).
  • Weights65 - Empty 2324kg (5123lb), max takeoff 3719kg (8200lb). B80 - Empty 2394kg (5277lb), max takeoff 3992kg (8800lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 15.32m (50ft 3in), length 10.82m (35ft 6in), height 4.33m (14ft 3in). Wing area 27.3m2 (294sq ft).
  • CapacityOne or two pilots and up to nine passengers in commuter configuration, or six passengers in executive transport role.
  • Production1001 Queen Airs of all models built (404 Model 65s & A65s, 42 Model 70s, 510 Model 80s and 45 Model 88s), including U8F Seminoles for the US Army.

The flexible Queen Air is Beech's biggest and heaviest cylinder twin separated from the Ww2 period outspread controlled Beech 18.

The Model 65 Queen Air made its first flight on August 28 1958, with conveyances of generation flying machine in late 1960 denoting the start of a creation run that would keep going just about two decades. This first model consolidated the wings, undercarriage, Lycoming motors and tail surfaces of the Model E50 Twin Bonanza with another and significantly bigger fuselage. A Queen Air 65 built another class elevation record of 34,882ft in 1960.

Numerous variations in this manner emulated, including the 3630kg (8000lb) max takeoff weight Model 80 with all the more capable 285kw (380hp) motors and cleared blade and rudder. This model developed into the A80, the first to be offered as a worker aerial shuttle. Presented in 1964, the A80 had an upgraded nose and inside, expanded wing compass and a 227kg (500lb) more prominent takeoff weight. The pressurized 88 had round windows and the more extended wingspan of the A80 and a 3992kg (8800lb) MTOW.

The Model B80 was the last significant creation show and showed up in 1966. It emphasized the more drawn out compass wing and the 88's MTOW. The model A65 was basically a Model 65 with the cleared blade and rudder of the Model 80, and entered creation in 1967. The Model 70 entered creation in 1969, it offered the more extended compass wings, 3720kg (8200lb) MTOW and 255kw (340hp) motors. Generation of the Queen Air stopped in 1977.

Pictures of Beech 65/70/80/88 Queen Air