Yakovlev Yak-42

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeShort range airliner
  • PowerplantsThree 63.7kN (14,330lb) ZMKB Progress (Lotarev) D36 turbofans.
  • PerformanceYak-42 - Max cruising speed 810km/h (437kt), economical cruising speed 750km/h (405kt). Range with max payload and reserves 1380km (745nm), with 120 passengers 1900km (1025nm), with 104 passengers 2300km (1240nm), with max fuel and 42 passengers 4100km (2215nm). Yak-42D - Range with 120 passengers 2200km (1185nm).
  • WeightsYak-42 - Empty equipped with 104 seats 34,500kg (76,058lb), with 120 seats 34,515kg (76,092lb); max takeoff 57,000kg (125,660lb). Yak-42D - Max takeoff 57,500kg (126,765lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 34.88m (114ft 5in), length 36.38m (119ft 4in), height 9.83m (32ft 3in). Wing area 150.0m2 (1614.6sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two pilots, with provision for a flight engineer. High density single class seating for 120 at six abreast and 75cm (30in) pitch. Two class seating for eight premium class passengers at four abreast and 96 economy class at six abreast.
  • ProductionMore than 180 built, with most delivered to Aeroflot and its successors. Approx 150 were in commercial service in 1998.

The Yak-42 trijet was created as a swap for Tupolev's Tu-134 twinjet and Antonov's A 24 turboprop.

The Yak-42 is an all new plan albeit, in the same way as the Yak-40, it emphasizes a three motor setup for expanded repetition and great short field execution. A modestly cleared wing was a bargain between the requirement for good field execution and high velocity voyage capacities. An essential airstair, APU and twofold principle undercarriage are all consolidated into the Yak-42 configuration for somber landing strip operations. The Lotarev turbofan in the interim was one of the first genuine turbofans to be created in the Soviet Union.

The primary of three models flew on March 7 1975. Improvement flying uncovered the requirement for expanded wing breadth back, and the change of wing compass point and suspected advancement issues with the new three pole turbofans postponed administration section to late 1980.

Most creation was of the beginning Yak-42. The Yak-42d was presented in 1989 and turned into the standard creation model. It gimmicks expanded fuel limit, bringing extent with 120 travelers to 2200km (1185nm).

The Yak-42t is a vessel configuration study. It would be fitted with a primary deck cargo entryway, and limit would be 12 tons.

The Yak-42d-100 in the interim is an advancement with a four screen Alliedsignal EFIS cockpit in addition to different enhancements. One was shown at the 1993 Paris Salon (as the Yak-142). A VIP/corporate plane advancement is likewise advertised.

The Yak242 was an all new plan study with the Yak-42's cross segment, two Ps90a turbofans and seating for up to 180.

Pictures of Yakovlev Yak-42