Schweizer 330

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight turbine powered utility helicopter
  • Powerplants330SP - One 315kW (420shp) Allison 250C20W turboprop rated at 175kW (235shp) for takeoff and 165kW (220hp) for max continuous operation driving a three blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor.
  • Performance330SP - Normal cruising speed 193km/h (104kt), economical cruising speed 185km/h (100kt). Max initial rate of climb 1380ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 13,600ft, out of ground effect 10,500ft. Max range with no reserves 590km (319nm), endurance 4hr 12min.
  • Weights330SP - Empty 517kg (1140lb), max takeoff 1025kg (2260lb).
  • Dimentions330SP - Main rotor diameter 8.31m (27ft 3in), length overall rotors turning 9.46m (31ft 1in), height overall 3.35m (11t 0in). Main rotor disc area 52.5m2 (565.5sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for three, optional seating for four.
  • ProductionDeliveries began in mid 1993. Approx 25 built.

The Schweizer 330 is a definitive interpretation of the Hughes/Schweizer 300 arrangement of two/three seat light cylinder motor helicopters that goes once again to the mid 1950s.

The Schweizer organization, a firm well known for its creation of lightweight planes throughout the most recent five decades, obtained the generation and assembling rights to the Hughes 300, which it had been building under permit since 1983, from Mcdonnell Douglas in November 1986. In 1987 Schweizer affirmed it was creating an enhanced turbine fueled adaptation.

The new model was named the 330 and was intended to satisfy various utility parts, including law requirement, perception and watch, aeronautical photography, utility transport and agrarian splashing, missions all capably filled by the prior and more modest 300.

The Schweizer 330 uses the element segments, rotors, controls and frameworks of the demonstrated 300c, consolidated with an Allison 250c20 turboshaft. The motor has been derated to only 165kw (220hp), giving the 330 superb hot and superior. For instance the powerplant will achieve its max appraised force yield up to 18,000ft. Different progressions contrasted and the 300c incorporate what is basically an all new fuselage, new vertical tail surfaces and new tail fairing.

The 330 first flew in the first 50% of 1988, being openly showed flying shockingly that June. FAA certificate was recompensed in September 1992 and first conveyances occurred from mid 1993.

The enhanced 330sp was affirmed in May 1997. Contrasted with the fundamental 330 it offers a bigger primary rotor center, expanded harmony principle cutting edges and raised slides. These changes can additionally be retrofitted to existing 330s.

To upgrade its offer as a coach the 330 is offered with a third set of flight controls, permitting the carriage of two students and an educator on preparing flights.

Pictures of Schweizer 330