Schweizer 269/300

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLight utility helicopter
  • Powerplants300C - One 140kW (190hp) Textron Lycoming HIO360D1A fuel injected flat four derated from 170kW (225hp) driving a three blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor.
  • Performance300C - Max cruising speed 153km/h (82kt), max range cruising speed 124km/h (67kt). Initial rate of climb 750ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 5900ft, out of ground effect 2740ft. Service ceiling 10,200ft. Range with max fuel and no reserves 360km (195nm). Max endurance 3hr 24min.
  • Weights300C - Empty 474kg (1046lb), max takeoff 930kg (2050lb), or 975kg (2150lb) with an external sling load.
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 8.18m (26ft 10in), length overall 9.40m (30ft 10in), fuselage length 6.80m (22ft 0in), height to top of rotor head 2.66m (8ft 9in). Main rotor disc area 52.5m2 (565.5sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for three on a bench seat in 300 or two in 269. Many aircraft equipped for agricultural spraying and fitted with chemical hoppers and spray booms. Can lift a 475kg (1050lb) payload in an external sling load.
  • ProductionTotal 269/TH58/300 production over 3400 aircraft, of which 2800 were built by Hughes before production transferred to Schweizer. Total includes military production.

The Hughes/Schweizer 300 is the best three seat helicopter assembled, with in excess of 3400 created by the two makers in excess of three decades

Improvement of this adaptable utility helicopter goes once again to the mid 1950s when Hughes flew the two seat Model 269 without precedent for October 1956. The fundamental outline started US Army investment and it requested five as the Yho2hu for assessment in the scout and perception parts. Conveyances of the business comparable Model 269a started in 1961.

The 269a project got a tremendous help when Hughes won a US Army contract for a light helicopter essential mentor. In every one of the 792 were manufactured as the Th55a Osage and more than 60,000 US Army helicopter pilots learnt to fly in the sort.

Hughes took after the two seat 269a with the somewhat bigger three seat 269b, which it advertised as the Hughes 300, which first flew in 1964. The 300 was emulated from 1969 by the enhanced 300c, which presented an all the more effective 140kw (190hp) Lycoming Hio360 motor and expanded distance across principle rotor, giving an expand in payload of 45%, or more execution changes. The 300c (or 269c) flew in August 1969 and stays in creation fundamentally unaltered.

Since 1983 the 300c has been fabricated by Schweizer in the USA. Schweizer constructed the 300c at first under permit for Hughes, and afterward procured all rights to the helicopter in 1986. Under Schweizer's stewardship more than 250 minor upgrades have been made to the 300c, yet the fundamental configuration has been left unaltered. Schweizer likewise offers a rendition upgraded for police work. Named the Sky Knight it is accessible with alternatives, for example, a hunt light and infrared sensors.

The most recent 300 model is the 300cb coach controlled by a Ho360c1a and conveyed from late 1995.

Pictures of Schweizer 269/300