Raytheon Beechcraft Bonanza

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeFour to six seat high performance light aircraft
  • PowerplantsC33 - One 170kW (225hp) Continental fuel injected IO470K flat six driving a two blade constant speed propeller. A36 - One 225kW (300hp) Teledyne Continental IO550B engine driving a three blade constant speed McCauley propeller. B36TC - One 225kW (300hp) turbocharged Teledyne Continental TIO520UB engine.
  • PerformanceC33 - Max speed 312km/h (168kt), max cruising speed 298km/h (161kt), long range cruising speed 248km/h (134kt). Initial rate of climb 930ft/min. Range with standard fuel and no reserves 957km (515nm), with optional tanks 1818km (980nm). A36 - Max speed 340km/h (184kt), max cruising speed 326km/h (176kt). Initial rate of climb 1208ft/min. Range with 45 minute reserves 1694km (914nm). B36TC - Max speed 394km/h (213kt), high speed cruise 370km/h (200kt). Initial rate of climb 1053ft/min. Range with 45 minute reserves 2022km (1092nm).
  • WeightsC33 - Empty 807kg (1780lb), max takeoff 1383kg (3050lb). A36 - Empty 1040kg (2295lb), max takeoff 1665kg (3650lb). B36TC - Empty 1104kg (2433lb), max takeoff 1746kg (3850lb).
  • DimentionsC33 - Wing span 10.00m (32ft 10in), length 7.77m (25ft 6in), height 2.51m (8ft 3in). Wing area 16.5m2 (177.6sq ft). A36 - Wing span 8.38m (27ft 6in), length 8.13m (26ft 8in), height 2.62m (8ft 7in). Wing area 16.8m2 (181sq ft). B36TC - Same as for A36.
  • CapacityAll Model 33s seat four with some models having an optional fifth seat, all Model 36s seat six.
  • Production3352 Model 33s built through to 1996. 3760 normally aspirated Model 36s built with production continuing. Over 600 turbocharged models built.

Initially considered in the late 1950s as a lower cost subsidiary of the Vtail Bonanza, the traditional tail Debonair and Bonanza family stays in creation today.

Contrasted and the proportional Model 35, the first model 33 Debonair presented an ordinary three surface tail, a less capable motor and a more grave inner part fit. It first flew on September 14 1959 and was incorporated in Beech's model extend the accompanying year.

The ensuing A33 and B33 Debonairs offered a little number of progressions, while the C33 presented a third lodge window and restyled inside. The Debonair was dropped from the extent in 1967, by which time the C33a had been discharged, an airplane very much alike in execution and trim level to the Vtail Bonanzas, and the name Bonanza was received for this model go also. Advancement of the 33 proceeded with the E33 and 155kw (285hp) E33a, the aerobatic E33c, the economy G33 and the F33, accessible in 155kw (285hp) An and aerobatic C models. The F33a stayed in creation until 1996.

The bigger six seat Model 36 was initially discharged in 1968, offering an extended lodge, 155kw (285hp) motor and more prominent takeoff weights. This flying machine stays in generation today as the A36 (with a yearly creation rate of around 80 units). The turbocharged 225kw (300hp) A36tc initially showed up in 1979, creation exchanged to the current B36tc in 1981.

Pictures of Raytheon Beechcraft Bonanza