Piper PA-60 Aerostar

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeSix seat high performance light twin
  • Powerplants600A - Two 215kW (290hp) Lycoming IO-540-K1J5 fuel injected flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers. PA-60-700P - Two 260kW (350hp) turbocharged and counter rotating TIO-540-U2As.
  • Performance600A - Max speed 418km/h (226kt), long range cruising speed 357km/h (193kt). Initial rate of climb 1800ft/min. Service ceiling 21,200ft. Max range with reserves 2225km (1200nm). PA-60-700P - Max speed 490km/h (264kt), max cruising speed 484km/h (261kt), economical cruising speed 390km/h (211kt). Initial rate of climb 1755ft/min. Service ceiling 25,000ft. Range at max cruising speed 1250km (675nm), at economical cruising speed with max fuel 2150km (1160nm).
  • Weights600A - Empty 1695kg (3757lb), max takeoff 2495kg (5500lb). PA-60-700P - Empty 1940kg (4275lb), max takeoff 2864kg (6315lb).
  • Dimentions600A - Wing span 10.41m (34ft 2in), length 10.61m (34ft 10in), height 3.89m (12ft 1in). Wing area 15.8m2 (170sq ft). PA-60-700P - Same except for wing span 11.18m (36ft 8in). Wing area 16.6m2 (178.2sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for six.
  • Production1010 Aerostars built, including 491 by Ted Smith and 519 by Piper.

The Aerostar - which in its higher controlled structures can make a case for being the speediest cylinder twin GA air ship assembled - was planned by Ted Smith, who was additionally in charge of the Aero Commander twins.

Smith's unique expectation in planning the Aerostar was to create a group of single and cylinder twins, twin turboprop and even twin plane fueled renditions of the same fundamental airplane. However the Aerostar showed up in cylinder twin structure just. Smith started configuration chip away at the Aerostar in late 1964, with a model making its first flight after two years in November 1966.

The model was controlled by 120kw (160hp) Lycoming IO-320s, however the Aerostar was set into generation from 1968 as the Aerostar 600 with 215kw (290hp) IO-540s. The turbocharged Aerostar 601 emulated the 600 into generation right away a while later, while the turbocharged and pressurized 601p went into creation in 1972. By now Butler Aviation had procured the generation privileges of the Aerostar in 1970, delivering a little number as Butler Aerostars. Smith purchased the line back again in 1972, and his new organization Ted R Smith and Associates continued Aerostar assembling, including of the enhanced 601b with the same compass wings as on the 601p, until Piper obtained the Aerostar line in March 1978.

Flautist proceeded with generation of the 600a, 601b and 601p at Ted Smith's Santa Maria plant, and presented the 602p with low layering TIO-540-Aa1a5 motors.

At the point when Piper exchanged creation to its new Vero Beach, Florida industrial facility in right on time 1982, just the 602p was in generation, and this was redesignated the PA-60-602p. The PA-60-700p was the last Aerostar variant, and only 25 were manufactured. In generation somewhere around 1983 and 1985, the 700p has all the more influential motors, a higher max takeoff weight and discretionary additional fuel limit.

Pictures of Piper PA-60 Aerostar