Piper PA-46 Malibu/Malibu Mirage

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeSix seat high performance light aircraft
  • PowerplantsPA-46-310P - One 230kW (310hp) Continental TSIO-520-BE turbocharged and fuel injected flat six piston engine driving a two blade constant speed Hartzell propeller. PA-46-350P - One 260kW (350hp) Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A.
  • PerformancePA-46-310P - Max speed 434km/h (234kt), max cruising speed 398km/h (215kt), long range cruising speed 363km/h (196kt). Initial rate of climb 1170ft/min. Service ceiling 25,000ft. Max range at long range cruising speed and altitude with reserves 2880km (1555nm). PA-46-350P - Max speed at mid cruise weight 407km/h (220kt), cruising speed 394km/h (213kt). Initial rate of climb 1220ft/min. Service ceiling 25,000ft. Range with max fuel and reserves at normal cruising speed and optimum altitude 1953km (1055nm).
  • WeightsPA-46-310P - Empty 1066kg (2350lb), max takeoff 1860kg (4100lb). PA-46-350P - Empty equipped 1397kg (3080lb), max takeoff 1950kg (4300lb).
  • DimentionsPA-46-310P - Wing span 13.11m (43ft 0in), length 8.66m (28ft 5in), height 3.44m (11ft 4in). Wing area 16.3m2 (175sq ft). PA-46-350P - Same except for length 8.81m (28ft 11in).
  • CapacityTypical seating for pilot and five passengers.
  • ProductionPA-46-300T - 1 PA-46-310P - 404 PA-46-350P - 645 by mid 2004

As indicated by Piper the all new PA-46 Malibu was the initially pressurized lodge class cylinder single. It guaranteed to be one of the first of another era of light air ship presented from the early 1980s preceding subsidence and onerous obligation laws in the USA strangled the GA business. By the by, the PA-46 has sold moderately unequivocally.

Advertised in November 1982, the Malibu was proposed to contend with Cessna's pressurized P210 Centurion, in addition to more seasoned light business twins. Outlined with the support of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture), an unpressurized test model, the PA-46-300t, flew shockingly on November 30, 1979. The model for the first creation display, the pressurized PA-46-310p, first flew in August 1982. Certificate was recompensed in September 1983, with creation conveyances from that November.

Gimmicks of the first creation model PA-46-310p incorporated the uncommonly created turbocharged 230kw (310hp) Continental TSIO-520, a high viewpoint degree wing, a moderately large lodge with club seating for four behind the pilot, a back airstair style entryway, IFR flying as standard, and lodge pressurization.

The enhanced PA-46-350p Malibu Mirage, first flight December 21, 1987, supplanted the 310p Malibu in generation from October 1988. The significant change presented on the Malibu Mirage was the 260kw (350hp) Textron Lycoming TIO-540-Ae2a, while different progressions incorporated another electrical framework and reconsidered inner part.

Since 1994 New Piper has made various minor enhancements to the Malibu Mirage including to the brakes, autopilot and ventilating. In 1999 the Mirages picked up the reinforced wing of the turboprop Malibu Meridian improvement, permitting a 18kg (40lb) build in max takeoff weight. The Mirage is additionally offered with routine and EFIS aeronautics bundles. Creation stopped incidentally in 2001 to permit Piper to focus on acquainting the Meridian with generation, however was later continued. Generation is proceeding close by the turboprop PA-46-500tp Malibu Meridian (see separate entrance).

A turboprop change is accessible from Jetprop as the DLX (see Malibu Meridian passage).

Pictures of Piper PA-46 Malibu/Malibu Mirage