Pacific Aerospace Fletcher FU-24 & Cresco

  • CountryNew Zealand
  • TypeAgricultural aircraft
  • PowerplantsFU-24-954 - One 300kW (400hp) Textron Lycoming IO-720-A1A or A1B fuel injected flat eight piston engine driving a three blade constant speed Hartzell propeller. Cresco 08-750 - One 560kW (750shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34AG turboprop.
  • PerformanceFU-24-954 - Max speed 233km/h (126kt), max cruising speed 209km/h (113kt), typical operating speed range 165 to 210km/h (90 to 115kt). Initial rate of climb 805ft/min. Service ceiling 16,000ft. Range with max payload and reserves 709km (383nm). 08-750 - Max speed 291km/h (157kt), max cruising speed at 75% power 261km/h (141kt). Initial rate of climb 1657ft/min. Service ceiling 26,000ft. Range with standard fuel and no reserves 726km (392nm).
  • WeightsFU-24-954 - Empty equipped 1188kg (2620lb), max takeoff 2465kg (5430lb). 08-750 - Empty equipped 1315kg (2900lb), normal max takeoff 2925kg (6450lb), ag (restricted) category max takeoff 3742kg (8250lb).
  • DimentionsFU-24-954 - Wing span 12.81m (42ft 0in), length 9.70m (31ft 10in), height 2.84m (9ft 4in). Wing area 27.3m2 (294.0sq ft). 08-750 - Same except for length 11.07m (36ft 4in), height 3.63m (11ft 11in).
  • CapacityTypical arrangement seats pilot and passenger, and chemical hopper (capacity 1210 litres/265Imp gal/319US gal in FU-24-954, 1770 litre/391Imp gal/470US gal in Cresco). Can also be configured for freight work, or as a passenger aircraft can seat six in rear compartment (earlier models can seat five or six passengers).
  • ProductionAlmost 300 FU-24s built in the USA and New Zealand (70 in US, balance in NZ) since 1955. Approx 30 Crescos built.

Fletcher in the USA initially created the FU-24 to a great extent for agwork in New Zealand.

The FU-24 flew without precedent for June 1954, and generation and conveyances started amid 1955, after certificate on July 22. Seventy 195kw (260hp) Continental IO-470-D controlled FU-24s and double control FU-24as were inherent the USA before Fletcher stopped creation in 1964, and Air Parts (now Pacific Aerospace) of New Zealand obtained the generation rights.

Beginning New Zealand creation was of two models, one controlled by a 215kw (285hp) Continental, the other a 225kw (300hp) unit. The consequent FU-24-950 was controlled by a 300kw (400hp) eight barrel Lycoming IO-720, and was caught up by the likewise fueled FU-24-954 from 1979.

In the same way as other ag air ship, the Fletcher was a regular competitor for transformation to turboprop power. The ensuing Cresco first flew on February 28 1979 controlled by a 450kw (600shp) Avco Lycoming (now Textron Lycoming) LTP-101. Nine such air ship were constructed, while a tenth was fitted with a 560kw (750shp) Pt6a-34ag.

Despite the fact that PAC published it would stop airplane make in 1994, PAC's new holders have set the Cresco go into creation. Starting creation was of the LTP-101 fueled Cresco 08-600, now the center is on the Pt6a controlled Cresco 08-750.

PAC additionally offers turbine FU-24 changes with Pt6s or Walter 601s.

Pictures of Pacific Aerospace Fletcher FU-24 & Cresco