What is the new Lufthansa seat offers and what

Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines to build new seats in their Europa flyer. What awaits the traveler? An Overview.

Essenza, the New one from Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines. The seat of the house of Geven in the Jets of the Airbus A320 family to be delivered from 2019 to the three flight lines. What he offers in the execution of the Lufthansa group and what are the wishes of the Italian headquarters, perhaps?


It is one of the most hotly debated questions: does the seat have a USB port? The images, the Lufthansa published, show the model from the front only. In the press release, the group spoke first on the topic. A demonstration model of the seat Essenza at the fair Aircraft Interiors Expo in AIX in Hamburg was, however, with USB Sockets on the lower leg height. The opportunity for Smartphone and co. at the seat to recharge, or is not so? An answer to this question, there is not yet, as a Lufthansa spokesman for aeroTELEGRAPH reveals: "We are considering the Option. It is in this respect no decision."


What is clear is: An outlet is not provided for in the new seat. Also an in-flight Entertainment screen Essenza not – like today, the vast majority of chair for the Short and medium-haul aircraft.

Storage space?

On the table, the literature pocket is in the landscape format. At knee height, there will be a network in which the passengers more things can be stowed.


In Economy Class, it is not possible to adjust the seat. The streamlined backrest is fixed in an angle of 20 degrees. The current seats in an upright Position to a tilt of 12 degrees. In the Business Class also Essenza is to be used, but in a Version with adjustable backrest. This can be during the flight up to 26 degrees to the rear to move. Since the Lufthansa Airlines adjust the number of Business Class rows on demand, and also far to the front seat to the end of Economy-passengers-adjustable backrests.

Seat pitch?

Essenza is between the armrests, and 18.1 inches wide, almost 46 centimeters. The seat pitch in the Economy Class between 29 and 30 inches (73,7 and 76.2 centimeters). In Business Class it will be between 30 and 32 inches (76.2 and 81.3 centimeters). Here, too, it is true that because of the flexible class schedule line for Economy passengers up to the first emergency room for more speed distance.

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