Thus, the ten-series in British looks

New seats for the long haul: British Airways to build the Boeing 777 in London-Gatwick. For Economy passengers, this means less space, but better seats. Also, the Premium Economy is new.

In December 2016, British Airways announced in London-Gatwick stationed a Boeing 777-200 with more Seats. Most striking Change: In the Economy Class ones are in the future - instead of the previous nine series. Now the airline shows how the Whole looks like and presents a more accurate schedule.

Six Boeing 777 with three classes should be converted to Winter 2018. Four machines in the Four-class variant in the summer of 2019. Then in the autumn of 2019, the 777 fleet at London Heathrow.

Cocktail table on the armrests

Tasty British Airways wants passengers to the tighter Economy Seating with larger screens, like Tablets, with Gestures. In the Economy Class (the British called World Traveller) you will have a screen size of 10 instead of 6 inch in Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) 12 inch instead of 6 inch. The in-flight entertainment system will also have space for four Times as many films, TV shows and music.

All new seats will have USB ports. In the Premium Economy sockets are added, the work with plugs from the UK, the USA and the EU. In both classes there will be headrests that can be adjusted in six different positions. Premium Economy also offers new leg - and footrests and a small table on the armrests. In all classes, it should be possible, in the light of the time of day.

First of all, in the Caribbean

First, the new cabins are coming on to the Compounds to Punta Cana, Cancun and Kingston. Then you will step on all of the 22 long routes route introduced from Gatwick.

In the above image gallery, you can take a look at the new cabins.

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