So close to the A320 flew on the A340, across the

The first interim report on the near catastrophe in San Francisco. He shows that The Airbus A320 flew a few meters above the waiting Jets. And: There was a security gap.

The first interim report of the investigators shows the final, as extremely scarce in the San Francisco airport on 7. July to a huge disaster skidded. How the American transportation security administration NTSB writes, and was the Airbus A320 of Air Canada at the most extreme Moment, only 59 feet or 18 meters above the ground.

The pilots of flight AC759 were confused when landing at San Francisco runway 28R with the Taxiway C. They headed to the Taxiway, on the four fresh-refueled aircraft to its starting waited. Only at the last Moment, the cockpit crew of Air Canada got from the pilot the instruction to start. Your plane fell after that a little further and only a few meters was at that time on an Airbus A340 from Philippine Airlines.

"Something's not right"

The two pilots gave to the investigators of the National Transportation Safety Authority to log, you would have thought the lighted runway 28R is the parallel 28L. Therefore, they headed to the right – on the Taxiway. She could not remember whether you have seen there planes or not. They had not had the impression that "little voice", - stated in the NTSB report.

The entire study will take between one and one and a half years. Some investigators have found, however. Actually, the Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC) should alert the pilot when an aeroplane approaching the course. That didn't happen at the Air Canada machine.

Blind Spot

Apparently, there is in San Francisco a blind spot on the Radar. The A320 was not in any case to see about 12 seconds on the screens.

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