So, A310 Cola cans from an Airbus

At the airport of Paderborn/Lippstadt is a maintenance company disassembles a passenger jet. The items to be sold or recycled.

Out of a plane individual parts: The company German Aircraft Maintenance dismantled currently at the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt, an Airbus A310. The client is the Swiss company Aero-Sky. In may, the technicians in the former Air Berlin carried Hangar first function tests. So they learned which parts can be re-sold and certified. Then pollutants such as hydraulic fluids have been removed.

Meanwhile, the German Aircraft Maintenance is busy with the Expansion of the expensive components. "These are the engines, the avionics, the instruments, and finally, the undercarriage," says operating chief Jörg Maron. On Thursday (7. June) was left right engine type CF6 of General Electric. The left is already removed. Each of the two motors weighs around 4.5 tons and, according to the Marons estimate a resale value of around $ 1.5 million.

35 to 40 tons of aluminum

For sale Aero-Sky, while the German company builds the plane only apart and usable parts are certified. She expects to come at the end of more than 1000 functional items. "At some point, only the cell is then there and the disposer comes with the big excavator," says Maron. "I'm going to assume that we, the majority of which are in the Form of coke cans good-bye," said the operations chief with a Smile. He expects that the Airbus A310, about 35 to 40 tons of aluminum remain. The price per ton is currently about 2000 Euro.

For the company, which specialises in maintenance, the Recycling of the 25-year-old Airbus, and the first order of this kind. Who was the last operator of the aircraft, not to betray the German Aircraft Maintenance and Aero-Sky. aeroTELEGRAPH know, however, that the Jet was for the two airlines from the Middle East.

Jet Separation in Enschede

Other companies offer to disassemble the plane, and the single recycle parts for re. So, for example, the Dutch AELS has received a Boeing 747 of KLM and Airbus A340 of Air France for dismantling in Enschede.

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