Airbus A310

  • CountryEuropean consortium
  • TypeMedium to long range widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsInitial powerplant choice of either two 213.5kN (48,000lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D1s or two 222.4kN (50,000lb) General Electric CF6-80A3 turbofans. Current choices of 238kN (53,500lb) CF6-80C2A2s, 262.4kN (59,000lb) CF6-80C2A8s, 231.2kN (52,000lb) PW-4152s, or 249.1kN (56,000lb) PW-4156s.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 897km/h (484kt), long range cruising speed 850km/h (459kt). Range at typical airliner operating weight with 218 passengers and baggage and reserves 6800km (3670nm) for A310-200, 7982km (4310nm) for CF6 powered A310-300, 9580km (5170nm) for high gross weight A310-300 with CF6s.
  • WeightsA310-200 with CF6-80C2A2s - Operating empty 80,142kg (176,683lb), max takeoff 142,000kg (313,055lb). A310-300 with CF6-80C2A8s - Operating empty 81,205kg (179,025lb), max takeoff 150,000kg (330,695lb) standard, or higher gross weight options through to 164,000kg (361,560lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 43.89m (144ft 0in), length 46.66m (153ft 1in), height 15.80m (51ft 10in). Wing area 219.0m2 (2357.3sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Max passenger capacity at nine abreast 280. Typical two class arrangement for 20 passengers at six abreast and 192 economy class passenger eight abreast. Cargo capacity in fore and aft underfloor compartments can hold 2.44 x 3.17m (88 x 125in) pallets or a total of up to 14 LD3 containers.
  • ProductionTotal orders held for the A310 stood at 260 by late 2002, of which more than 255 had been delivered.

The A310 first started life as the A300b10, one of various anticipated advancements and subordinates of Airbus' unique A300b air transport.

While focused around the bigger A300, the A310 presented various significant progressions. The fuselage was abbreviated by 13 edges contrasted with the A300b, lessening seating to around 200 to 230 travelers and another higher angle proportion wing of littler compass and region was created. New and littler flat tail surfaces, fly-by-wire detachable spoilers and a two group EFIS flightdeck were joined, while the motor arches were normal to suit both motor alternatives.

The primary flight of the A310 happened on April 3 1982, after the system was propelled in July 1978. Administration section was with Lufthansa in April 1983. Early creation A310s did not have the little winglets that turned into a peculiarity of later form A310-200s and the A310-300. The A310-300 is a more extended reach advancement of the base A310-200, and has been in generation since 1985. This adaptation can convey a further 7000kg (15,430lb) of fuel in the tailplane.

The A310-200f vessel is accessible new form or as a transformation of existing airplane (13 A310s were changed over to vessels for Federal Express via Airbus accomplice Daimler Benz [now Daimlerchrysler] Aerospace Airbus). The A310-200c convertible traveler/tanker initially entered administration with Dutch administrator Martinair in 1984.

Pictures of Airbus A310