Qantas Boeing 747 with special flights goodbye says

Almost 50 years after the Australian airline took its first, adopted by your last Boeing 747. Goodbye Qantas organized three special flights.

At the end of March the conclusion was. For the last Time, a Boeing 747 landed of Qantas in Sydney. And since then, the airline started thinking of how it will go with the six Jumbo Jets in the fleet after the Corona-flight stop. At the end of June, the decision was made: The planes are at an early stage to be set-aside.

Actually, the Boeing 747-400 until the end of the year should have flown more. Thus, the Double-Decker is not up and disappear, organized Qantas three one-hour farewell flights. You start at the 13. July, in Sydney, on 15. July, in Brisbane and on 17. July in Canberra. The proceeds from the flights will be donated to the Hars Aviation Museum.

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