Boeing 747-400

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLong range high capacity widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsFour 252.4kN (56,750lb) Pratt & Whitney PW-4056 turbofans or 266.9kN (60,000lb) PW-4060s, or 275.8kN (62,000lb) PW-4062s, 252.4kN (56,750lb) General Electric CF6-80-C2B1Fs or 273.6kN (61,500lb) CF6-80-C2B1F1s or -80-C2B7Fs, or 258.0kN (58,000lb) RollsRoyce RB-211-524G or -524Hs, or 262.4 to 266.9kN (59 to 60,000lb) RB-211-524G/H-Ts.
  • Performance747-400 - Max cruising speed 939km/h (507kt), long range cruising speed 907km/h (490kt). Design range with 420 three class pax at 396,895kg (875,000lb) MTOW 13,491km (7284nm) with PW-4000s, 13,444km (7259nm) with GEs, 13,214km (7135nm) with RB-211s. 747-400ER - Range at MTOW 14,205km (7670nm). 747-400ERF - Range at MTOW 9200km (4970nm).
  • Weights747-400 - Standard operating empty with PW-4056s 180,985kg (399,000lb), with CF6-80-C2B1Fs 180,755kg (398,500lb), with RB-211s 181,755kg (400,700lb); operating weights at optional MTOW with PW-4056s 181,485kg (400,100lb), with CF6-80-C2B1Fs 181,255kg (399,600lb), with RB-211s 182,255kg (401,800lb). Max takeoff 362,875kg (800,000lb), or optionally 377,845kg (833,000lb), or 385,555kg (850,000lb), or 396,895kg (875,000lb). 747-400ER/ERF - MTOW 412,770kg (910,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 64.44m (211ft 5in), length 70.67m (231ft 10in), height 19.41m (63ft 8in). Wing area 541.2m2 (5825sq ft).
  • Capacity747-400 - Flightcrew of two. Typical three class seating for 416 (23 first, 78 business and 315 economy class pax). Cargo hold 170.5m3 (6025cuft) or 151m3 (5332cuft). 747-400 Domestic - Two class seating for 568 (24 first and 544 economy). 747-400 Combi - Typical arrangement for six or seven pallets and 266 three class passengers. 747-400ER - Same as -400, but cargo hold 158.6m3 (5599cuft) or 137m3 (4837cuft). 747-400F - 30 pallets on the main deck and 32 LD1 containers in the lower hold.
  • ProductionOrders for the 747-400 as of August 2002 stood at 632 (of which 17 ER/ERF), of which 585 had been delivered. Total 747 sales stood at 1356.

The 747-400 is the most recent, longest extending and top rated model of the 747 gang.

Boeing propelled the 747-400 in October 1985 and the first improvement air ship first flew on April 29 1988. US certificate (with PW-4000s) was honored in January 1989.

The 747-400 remotely takes after the -300, however it is an altogether enhanced air ship. Progressions incorporate another, two team computerized flightdeck with six huge CRT shows, an expanded compass wing with winglets (the -400 was the first aerial shuttle to present winglets), new motors, recontoured wing/fuselage fairing, another inner part, lower essential however expanded max takeoff weights, and more noteworthy extent.

Separated from the fundamental traveler 747-400 model, various variations have been offered including the winglet-less 747-400 Domestic enhanced for Japanese short pull household parts, the 747-400m Combi traveler/cargo model, and the 747-400f Freighter (which joins together the 747-200f's fuselage with the -400's wing).

The most recent model is the 747-400er, which was dispatched on November 28, 2000 when Qantas submitted a request for 6. The -400er has the same size as the -400, yet has more go or payload ability. The MTOW was expanded by 15,870kg (35,000lb) to 412,770kg (910,000lb), giving a further scope of 805km (435nm) or a 6800kg (15,000lb) more prominent payload. The -400er likewise emphasizes a completely new lodge inside with bigger gear receptacles, and a few flight deck enhancements.

The -400er fuses the fortified wing, body, and arriving rigging of the -400f, or more an assistant fuel tank in the forward load hold, and a discretionary second one. Administrators who needn't bother with these can evacuate them both, picking up extra load volume.

The initial 747-400er was taken off in June 2002, and flew shockingly on July 31, 2002, and this was the 1308th 747 to fly.

A freight form, the 747-400erf, emulated the standard -400er, and was propelled April 30, 2001 on a request by renting organization ILFC for 5. The main -400erf is the 1315th 747 constructed. The -ERF has the same MTOW as the -ER, and this will give an additional scope of 970km (525nm), or an additional payload of 9980kg (22,000lb) at MTOW contrasted and the standard -400f.

In no time before conveyance of the first -400er, Boeing had gotten requests for 15 ER/Erfs from 5 clients.

Different development 747 models have been concentrated on. The 747-500x and -600x models were dropped in January 1997. Boeing is right now proposing the 747-400xqlr (Quiet Longer Range) to 747-size clients which will offer more go, all the more peaceful, and more peculiarities.

Pictures of Boeing 747-400