Boeing 747SP

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLong range high capacity widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsFour 218.4kN (48,750lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7AW turbofans, or 222.8kN (50,100lb) Rolls-Royce RB211-524Bs or 229.5kN (51,600lb) RB211-524Cs, or 206.8kN (46,500lb) General Electric CF6-45A2s or CF6-50E2-Fs.
  • PerformanceMax speed 1000km/h (540kt). Range with 331 passengers and baggage 10,840km (5855nm), range with 276 passengers 12,325km (6650nm), ferry range with max fuel and 13,610kg (30,000lb) payload 15,400km (8315nm).
  • WeightsOperating empty 147,420kg (325,000lb), max takeoff 317,515kg (700,000lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 59.64m (195ft 8in), length 56.31m (184ft 9in), height 19.94m (65ft 5in). Wing area 511m2 (5500sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of three comprising two pilots and one flight engineer. Max high density single class seating for 440, typical two class seating for 28 first class and 288 economy class passengers
  • ProductionJust 45 747SPs were built, of which approximately 18 remain in service by early 2005.

Boeing created the 747sp in the mid 1970s as a more extended reach, abbreviated 747, exchanging traveler seating for additional extent. The 747sp is the main 747 model to peculiarity a changed fuselage length contrasted and the 747-100.

The 747sp first flew on July 4 1975, confirmation was recompensed on February 4 1976 and first conveyance (to Pan American) was in March 1976.

The 747sp's fuselage is abbreviated by 14.35m (47ft 1in) contrasted with other 747 models, while the vertical tail was expanded in tallness to make up for the decreased minute arm with the shorter fuselage. Structurally the 747sp was lightened in a few territories in light of the noteworthy lessening in horrible weights. General however the 747sp held 90% shared trait of parts with the 747-100 and 200. While shortening the 747's fuselage expanded the fuel part and therefore extend, it additionally implied that seating limit was diminished.

The SP postfix in 747sp stands for Special Performance, and focuses to the ultra long extend capabilities of this 747 variation that went before the later 747-400 by 15 years. The 747sp's reach is best outlined by the spate of long go separation records it set in the mid 1970s. The most noticeable of those was the conveyance flight of a South African Airways SP, which over March 23/24 1976 flew tireless with 50 travelers from Paine Field in Washington State to Cape Town, South Africa, a separation of 16,560km (8940nm). This world constant record for a business air ship remained until 1989 when a Qantas 747-400 flew 17,945km (9688mn) persistent from London to Sydney.

Offers of the 747sp were unassuming in spite of the expanded reach, as the SP had poorer working mass trading for every seat contrasted with the 747-200. However the 747sp did pioneer various long run constant administrations that are presently usually flown by the 747-400.

Outstanding SP clients included South African Airways (who discovered the SP's developed extent an extraordinary possession in bypassing African countries that denied it arriving rights while South Africa's politically-sanctioned racial segregation arrangements were set up), Qantas and Panam, the last spearheading steady trans Pacific Los Angeles/Sydney administrations.

In ahead of schedule 2005 short of what twenty Sps stay in carrier or corporate administration.

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