New System helps pilots to land quieter, and more economical

One of the researchers of the DLR-developed System helps approaching pilots to the optimal land. After successful test flights in Zurich, plan the implementation, which reduces noise and greenhouse gas emissions.

If the work of the pilots time, the approach on the runway 14 of Zurich airport, beautiful views. Behind the city, the Alps rise on the distant horizon. Besides, a landing is no different on the slopes, particularly from others in Europe.

For 23 Line pilots and pilots offered exactly this approach for some time, however, diversion from everyday life. In September of last year, the German centre for air and space DLR, tested at Zurich airport, an assistance system with which the research aircraft is a converted Airbus A320 Atra with less noise on the runway should be reduced. To publish the experiments, the German researchers, together with colleagues from the Swiss Skylab Foundation and the Swiss research Empa recently, encouraging results.

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