Air Canada pilots were confused

The Air Canada pilots, which sailed recently at the San Francisco airport accidentally the Taxiway, were confused. This they gave to the investigators on the record.

Only a few meters deep, and it would possibly become the biggest disaster in the history of aviation: An Airbus A320 of Air Canada flew into San Francisco on 7. July accidentally Roll instead of the runway. Just in time the pilot pulled up and avoided the collision with several of the waiting aircraft.

The National Transportation Safety Board NTSB is investigating the case. As The authority writes, have declared the pilots in the first hearings that they had been confused by the lights on the runway. You the runway 28R was assigned. To the left of the mark, San Francisco has a further parallel runway: 28L.

No memory of aircraft

The 28 L was closed due to construction work in and not illuminated. However, it was marked by a big red glowing X that the runway is closed. The pilots told the NTSB that they thought the lighted runway is 28L and the Taxiway C, the flying – located to the right of 28 R – the assigned path.

You do not remember, according to their own statements, to have aircraft on the runway seen, But "something didn't seem right." In the radio the Evening is to hear how one of the pilots asking if they can really land, because he can see planes on the runway. On video recordings of the airport is to see that at least two of the had turned on the four planes waiting for your Taxi lights.

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