Mooney M-20J to M-20S

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeHigh performance four seat light aircraft
  • PowerplantsEagle - One 182kW (244hp) Teledyne Continental IO-550-G fuel injected flat six driving a two blade c/s prop. Bravo - One 200kW (270hp) Textron Lycoming TIO-540AF1B turbocharged and fuel injected flat six piston engine driving a three blade c/s prop.
  • PerformanceEagle - Cruising speed 324km/h (175kt). Service ceiling 18,500ft. Range at economical cruising speed 2242km (1210nm). Bravo - Cruising speed at 25,000ft 407km/h (220kt). Initial rate of climb 1230ft/min. Service ceiling 25,000ft. Range with max fuel 1945km (1050nm).
  • WeightsEagle - Basic empty 995kg (2194lb), max takeoff 1451kg (3200lb). Bravo - Empty 1028kg (2268lb), max takeoff 1527kg (3368lb).
  • DimentionsEagle/Bravo - Wing span 11.00m (36ft 1in), length 8.15m (26ft 9in), height 2.54m (8ft 4in). Wing area 16.3m2 (175.0sq ft).
  • CapacityStandard seating for four.
  • ProductionOver 2250 of all models delivered since the mid 1970s.

Mooney's new holders, the Republic Steel Company, set the M-20 line go into generation in late 1973.

Each of the three then present models, the Ranger, Chaparral and Executive, were come back to creation, yet new outline exertions revolved around the M-20f Executive configuration. The principal model created was the M-20j 201, with upgrades went for diminishing drag giving a hypothetical top rate of 323km/h (175kt), or 201mph. The 201 entered creation in 1976, supplanting the Executive, while the Ranger stayed in generation until 1979.

Resulting models incorporated the M-20k 231 from late 1978, fueled by a turbocharged Continental TSIO-360 six chamber motor, and the 201lm (Lean Machine) from 1986 with just essential choices. The 201 advanced into the M-20j 205 with adjusted lodge windows and upgraded wingtips, giving a slight build in top rate. A Special Edition "SE" extravagance alternatives bundle was additionally advertised. The M-20k 252tse (Turbo Special Edition) was an improvement of the 231 with a top rate of 405km/h (220kt), or 252mph, and joined the 205's airframe mods with a 155kw (210hp) turbocharged, intercooled Continental TSIO-360. The Porsche PFM-3200 fueled M-20l was assembled somewhere around 1987 and 1991.

The current awesome model is the Bravo - earlier the M-20m TLS/Bravo (Turbo Lycoming Saber) - which was presented in 1989 and gimmicks a marginally extended fuselage, a turbocharged and intercooled Textron Lycoming TIO-540 and three razor sharp edge prop.

The Allegro - once the M-20j MSE 205 - advancement is fueled by a 150kw (200hp) Textron Lycoming IO-360a3b6d.

Presented in 1994, the M-20r Ovation is focused around the Bravo fuselage yet is fueled by a 210kw (280hp) Continental IO-550g level six.

In 1997 Mooney present the fleeting 370km/h (200kt) voyage M-20k Encore which was fueled by a turbocharged Tsio360.

Pictures of Mooney M-20J to M-20S