Millicer M10 AirTourer

  • CountryAustralia
  • TypeCertification and delivery of production aircraft planned for mid to late 1999. M10-160 price at late 1998 $A195,000 (approx $US125,000).
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  • PerformanceM10-140 - One 105kW (140hp) Textron Lycoming O320-E2A flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller. M10-160 - One 120kW (160hp) fuel injected IO-320-D1A driving a two blade constant speed propeller.
  • WeightsM10-140 - Cruising speed at 75% power at 7000ft 213km/h (115kt). Initial rate of climb 850ft/min. M10-160 - Max speed over 272km/h (147kt), cruising speed at 75% power at 7000ft 240km/h (130kt). Initial rate of climb 1050ft/min.
  • DimentionsM10-140 - Approx operating weight 550kg (1210lb), max takeoff aerobatic category 816kg (1800lb), max takeoff normal category 862kg (1900lb). M10-160 - Approx operating weight 580kg (1280lb), max takeoff as per M10-140.
  • CapacityWing span 7.92m (26ft 0in), length 6.55m (21ft 6in), height 2.13m (7ft 0in). Wing area 11.2m2 (120sq ft).
  • ProductionSeating for two side by side.

The Millicer M10 Airtourer is a current improvement of the Victa Airtourer, a famous Australian manufactured aerobatic two seater.

Millicer Aircraft Industries was set up in the mid 1990s to place the four seat Victa Aircruiser into creation as the Millicer M9 Shrike. Millicer got a good reaction to its plans to reintroduce the Aircruiser to generation yet in the meantime understood that there existed considerably more noteworthy interest for the two seat Airtourer. In December 1997, after extended arrangements, Millicer obtained the configuration rights to the Airtourer from the Airtourer Cooperative (who had prior bought the outline from New Zealand Aerospace Industries) and from that point forward has centered its essential deliberations on enhancing the fundamental airplane and returning it to creation. Deal with the Aircruiser (the Shrike name was dropped) proceeds at a slower pace.

Millicer is creating two fundamental Airtourer shows, the essential M10-140 and the higher execution M10-160. The M10-140 is fueled by a 105kw (140hp) Textron Lycoming O-320 (derated from 110kw/150hp, decreasing commotion), driving a two razor sharp edge altered pitch propeller, while the M10-160 gimmicks a 120kw (160hp) fuel infused IO-320 driving a steady speed propeller.

The new Airtourers characteristic significant changes over their forerunners. These incorporate a wet wing (set up of old sack sort tank in the centresection), electric folds, reexamined undercarriage, reinforced structure, adjusted wing tips, another board, new electrical framework and others.

A model of the M10-160 (a reconstructed Airtourer instead of an all new airplane) was the first of the new Airtourers to fly, which occurred in September 1997, by which stage deal with the first M10-140 was generally exceptional with first flight expected in February '99.

Creation Airtourers and Aircruisers will be implicit another reason composed manufacturing plant at West Sale Airport in Victoria. Millicer arrangements to construct seven new form Airtourers in 1999 with generation increase in 2000.

Pictures of Millicer M10 AirTourer