Mil Mi-34

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeTwo/four place light helicopter
  • PowerplantsMi-34C - One 240kW (320hp) VOKBM M14V26 nine cylinder radial piston engine driving a four blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. Mi-34 VAZ - Two 200kW (265hp) VAZ430 twin chamber rotary engines.
  • PerformanceMi-34C - Max speed 225km/h (121kt), max cruising speed 180km/h (97kt), normal cruising speed 160km/h (86kt). Service ceiling 16,400ft. Hovering ceiling 4920ft. Range with max fuel 420km (226nm), with a 245kg (540lb) payload 360km (194nm). Endurance at cruising speed 2hr 26min. Mi-34 VAZ - Max level speed 210km/h (113kt), normal cruising speed 185km/h (100kt). Range with 400kg (880lb) payload and reserves 300km (160nm), range with max internal fuel 480km (260nm), range with auxiliary fuel 980km (530nm).
  • WeightsMi-34 - Empty 950kg (2094lb), max takeoff 1450kg (3196lb). Mi-34 VAZ - Max takeoff 1960kg (4320lb).
  • DimentionsMain rotor diameter 10.01m (32ft 10in), length rotors turning 11.42m (37ft 6in), fuselage length 8.75m (28ft 9in), height overall 2.75m (9ft 0in). Main rotor disc area 78.5m2 (845sq ft).
  • CapacityTypical seating for four, including one pilot. Mi-34 VAZ can accommodate stretcher in rear cabin instead of seats.
  • ProductionProduction of the Mi-34 began during 1993. Sporadic low rate production since.

At the time of its first flight, the Mi-34 was the most diminutive helicopter yet composed by Mil.

In spite of just entering arrangement creation in 1993, the Mi-34 improvement story goes once again to the mid 1980s, with a first flight in 1986. The Mi-34 was initially shown to the west at the Paris Airshow in 1987 and has shown up at major airshows, including Farnborough, since that time.

The Mi-34 is the first helicopter planned in a previous eastern coalition nation that can circle and roll. More than 60 have been conveyed, with missions including pilot preparing, perception and contact missions. Numerous have been conveyed to Russian government offices and the police.

Power for the Mi-34 is supplied by the same M14 spiral that powers the Sukhoi Su26, Su29 and Su31 aerobatic airplane (portrayed independently) among other Russian light flying machine outlines. Mil has additionally contemplated variations of the Mi-34 with a Textron Lycoming Tio540 level six cylinder motor and an Allison 250c20r turboshaft (as the Mi-34a).

The twin motor Mi-34 VAZ in the interim was declared in mid 1993 alongside various other Mil common and military helicopters. The Mi-34 VAZ is basically like the standard Mi-34 yet is fueled by twin Vaz430 revolving motors. While a turning is maybe an abnormal decision of powerplant, the Mi-34 VAZ was being created with the VAZ auto processing plant, which may clarify the motor determination. The Mi-34 VAZ likewise presented another carbonfibre star plate based rotor head. No known creation has been embraced.

Pictures of Mil Mi-34