McDonnell Douglas MD-90

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeShort to medium range airliner
  • PowerplantsMD-90-30 - Two 111.2kN (25,000lb) International Aero Engines V2525D5 turbofans. MD-90-55 - Two 124.5kN (28,000lb) V2528D5s.
  • PerformanceMD-90-30 - Typical cruising speed at 35,000ft 809km/h (437kt). Range with 153 passengers 3862km (2085nm), or 4023km (2172nm) for standard -30ER, or 4425km (2389nm) for long range -30ER. MD-90-50 - Range with 153 passengers 5600km (3022nm). MD-90-55 - Range with 187 passengers 5005km (2700nm).
  • WeightsMD-90-30 - Operating empty 39,915kg (88,000lb) max takeoff 70,760kg (156,000lb). MD-90-55 - Operating empty 41,685kg (91,900lb), max takeoff 78,245kg (172,500lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 32.87m (107ft 10in), length 46.51m (152ft 7in), height 9.33m (30ft 7in). Wing area 112.3m2 (1209.0sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. Two class seating for 12 premium class and 141 economy class passengers in MD-90-30, or max single class seating for 172. MD-90-55 max single class seating for 187.
  • ProductionA total of 114 MD-90s were built by McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, with production completed in 2000. 105 were in service in 2002. 3 MD-90-30Ts were built by Shenyang in China under the aborted Trunkliner program.

The MD-90 is the biggest part of the Douglas/Mcdonnell Douglas/Boeing DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/717 family, and is an extended, IAE V2500 fueled advancement of the MD-80.

The MD-90 system was propelled in November 1988, first flight happened on February 22 1993, and accreditation was recompensed on November 16 1994. Dispatch client was Delta, which has 31 on firm request, while other real clients incorporate Saudi Arabian Airlines and Japan Air System.

Most essential of the progressions presented on the MD-90 are the two V2500 turbofans. At 111kn (25,000lb) push on the MD-90-30, the V2500s are the biggest, heaviest and most effective motors to be back mounted on any aerial shuttle yet. All the more vitally however, the V2500 is exceedingly respected for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Different progressions to the MD-90 incorporate the 1.4m (4ft 6in) fuselage extend forward of the wing, permitting seating for an additional 10 travelers (in a two class game plan). The stretch is forward of the wing to make up for the additional weight of the motors. The MD-90 likewise offers an EFIS glass flightdeck focused around that in the Md88, and other point of interest enhancements, for example, a reexamined traveler inside.

The essential MD-90 model is the MD-90-30 (Chinese fabricated Trunkliners are assigned the MD-90-30t and gimmick twofold bogey primary arriving apparatus). It is additionally offered in MD-90-30er broadened reach structure with additional fuel. The MD-90 has likewise been offered as the 50, a further developed extent variant with a higher most extreme takeoff weight and additional fuel and the MD-90-55 high limit variation equipped for seating 187 in a solitary class with two additional entryways in the forward fuselage to meet crisis departure prerequisites.

Emulating the 1997 merger of Boeing and Mcdonnell Douglas, Boeing chose to wipe out MD-90 creation once extraordinary requests were satisfied. The final one of 114 US-fabricated Md-90s was finished in 2000.

Pictures of McDonnell Douglas MD-90