McDonnell Douglas MD-11

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeLong range widebody airliner
  • PowerplantsThree 266.9kN (60,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW4460s, 276kN (62,000lb) PW4462s, or 273.6kN (61,500lb) General Electric CF6-80C2D1F turbofans.
  • PerformanceMD-11 - Max cruising speed 945km/h (510kt), economical cruising speed 876km/h (473kt). Range with 298 passengers and reserves 12,633km (6821nm). MD-11F - Range 7242km (3910nm). MD-11C - Range with 183 passengers, six freight pallets and reserves 12,392km (6691nm). MD-11ER - Range with 298 passengers 13,408km (7240nm).
  • WeightsMD-11 - Operating empty 130,165kg (286,965lb) with CF6s, standard max takeoff 273,314kg (602,555lb), optional 285,990kg (630,500lb). MD-11F - Operating empty 113,920kg (251,150lb), max takeoff same. MD-11C - Operating empty 131,035kg (288,885lb) passenger, max takeoff 283.700kg. MD-11CF - Operating empty passenger configuration 131,525kg (289,965lb), freighter configuration 115,380kg (254,372lb), max takeoff same. MD-11ER - Max takeoff 285,989kg (630,500lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 51.66m (169ft 6in), length 61.21m (200ft 10in) with PW4460s, 61.62m (202ft 2in) with CF6s, height 17.60m (57ft 9in). Wing area 338.9m2 (3648.0sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of two. MD-11 - Max single class seating for 410, can seat 298 in three classes, 323 in two. MD-11C - Two class seating for 204 and four pallets on main deck.
  • Production200 MD-11 were delivered when production ended in 2001, comprising 136 MD-11, 5 MD-11C and 59 MD-11F.

The MD-11 is a modernized, marginally extended and re-engined advancement of the DC-10 trijet.

Dispatched on December 30 1986 (after a dispatch request from British Caledonian for three put prior that month), the MD-11 was the aftereffect of a two year study to discover a trade for the DC-10. To start with flight happened on January 10 1990, affirmation was allowed in November that year, and the first was conveyed on December 7 1990 to Finnair.

Contrasted with the DC-10, the MD-11 gimmicks a 5.71m (18ft 9in) fuselage stretch, winglets, altered tail with less sweepback, a progressed two team six screen EFIS flightdeck, restyled primary lodge inner part and new motor alternatives. Variations offered were the more extended reach MD-11er accessible from right on time 1996, MD-11f vessel, MD-11c Combi and MD-11cf convertible traveler/tanker models.

Mcdonnell Douglas at different times proposed MD-11 advancements went for expanding seating through extends and underfloor display deck seating. In 1996 MDC looked carefully at the MD-XX, MD-11 variations with another wing. Two adaptations were proposed, unified with the standard MD-11 fuselage and a 15,565km (8400nm) reach, the other an extended 375 seater. These were not propelled.

In November 1997 after the Boeing/Mcdonnell Douglas merger Boeing published that the MD-11 would be held in generation, principally as a vessel. However in June 1998 Boeing turned around that choice, saying that because of an absence of business interest generation would be wound up. The last MD-11 assembled, a MD-11f for Lufthansa freight, was conveyed February 22 2001.

Pictures of McDonnell Douglas MD-11