Kestrel K250

  • CountryUnited States of America
  • TypeDeliveries will commence once US FAA certification is awarded but future of the program unclear at late 1998.
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  • PerformanceK250 - One 120kW (160hp) Textron Lycoming O320D2G flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller.
  • WeightsK250 - Cruising speed at 75% power 230km/h (124kt), cruising speed at 65% power 200km/h (108kt). Initial rate of climb 700ft/min. Service ceiling 13,000ft. Range with no reserves at 8000ft 1750km (945nm).
  • DimentionsK250A - Empty 624kg (1375lb), max takeoff 1135kg (2500lb).
  • CapacityK250A - Wing span 11.20m (36ft 9in), length 8.15m (26ft 9in), height 2.73m (9ft 0in). Wing area 16.7m2 (179.6sq ft).
  • ProductionK250A - Typical seating for four. K250D - Seating for six or freight.

Kestrel's K250 (formerly KL-1a) is an all new, composite development entrance into the four spot light flying machine market, and in its base K250a structure will be a very nearly guide contender to Cessna's new 172r.

Oklahoma based Kestrel was established by a previous Cessna deals supervisor Donald L Stroud in 1991. The K250a is its first airplane, with a group of improvements of the essential flying machine to take after. The K-250a's essential cost was relied upon to be around $us90,000, impressively less expensive than other new form four seaters.

The model Kl1a/K-250a was taken off on April 21 1995, with first flight happening later that same year, on November 19. Certificate to FAR Part 23 in utility and ordinary classifications is arranged.

A key outline gimmick of the fundamental K-250a is its graphite composite development fuselage, while force is from a 120kw (160hp) Textron Lycoming O320 level four driving a two edge prop.

The K250a is because of be trailed by a group of improvements, offering more noteworthy execution and/or limit. The K250b will be controlled by a 140kw (190hp) fuel infused Textron Lycoming Io360es driving a three sharpened steel steady speed propeller. The K250r will be correspondingly controlled however contrasted and the K250b will have retractable undercarriage. The superior K-250c will additionally emphasize a three razor sharp edge prop, however power will be from a 170kw (230hp) Textron Lycoming Io540.

At the highest point of the arranged family tree will be the six seat utility K250d, which will emphasize a Textron Lycoming Tsio550b derated to 240kw (325hp) driving a three sharpened steel consistent rate propeller.

Kestrel has additionally proposed a military perception/forward air control variation of the K250a, which would emphasize an arch under each one wing for light weapons and extra perception windows.

Pictures of Kestrel K250