Ilyushin Il-18

  • CountryRussia
  • TypeMedium range turboprop airliner
  • PowerplantsIl-18D - Four 3170kW (4250shp) Ivchenko AI20M turboprops driving four blade constant speed propellers.
  • PerformanceMax cruising speed 675km/h (365kt), economical cruising speed 625km/h (337kt). Range with max payload and reserves 3700km (1995nm), with max fuel and reserves 6500km (3510nm).
  • WeightsEmpty equipped (with 90 seats) 35,000kg (77,160lb), max takeoff 64,000kg (141,095lb).
  • DimentionsWing span 37.40m (122ft 9in), length 35.90m (117ft 9in), height 10.17m (33ft 4in). Wing area 140m2 (1507sq ft).
  • CapacityFlightcrew of five comprising two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator. Initial Il-18s seated 75, the Il-18B 84, Il-18C 90 to 100, Il-18D and Il-18E 110 or max 122.
  • ProductionEstimated production of over 600 aircraft for civilian operators, all initially delivered to airlines in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, Cuba and various client states in Africa and Asia. Approximately 50 remain in service.

The Ilyushin Il-18 appreciated one of the longest creation runs of any turboprop carrier on the planet and assumed a huge part in creating air benefits in Russia's remote areas in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Il-18 was produced because of a mid 1950s Aeroflot necessity for a conservative 75 to 100 seat medium extent air transport. The model Il-18 (named Moskva) was fueled by four 2985kw (4000shp) Kuznetsov Sn4 turboprops and flew surprisingly on July 4 1957. The main Il-18 entered Aeroflot benefit on April 20 1959.

Introductory generation Il-18s could situate 75 travelers and were controlled by the Kuznetsov motors, however just the initial 20 airplane manufactured were so fueled before the 2985kw (4000shp) Ivchenko Ai20 turned into the standard powerplant. From that point on just minor progressions described the Il-18's improvement life.

The main new generation model was the Il-18b which had a reconfigured inner part to seat 84 travelers. The Il-18v entered administration in 1961. It turned into the standard Aeroflot rendition and could situate 90 to 100 travelers, contingent upon arrangement. The Il-18i presented all the more capable 3170kw (4250ehp) Ai20ms, while seating could be expanded to 122 in summer with the erasure of the back cover storeroom (key in Russian winters) and fitting additional seats. The Il-18d is like the I however has additional fuel limit with an extra focus area tank. On the Il-18d and Il-18i the APU is in the tummy of the fuselage, as opposed to in the tail.

The Il-18 has the NATO reporting name of `coot'. Like the Lockheed Electra, the Il-18 likewise framed the premise of a sea watch and against submarine fighting airplane, the Il38 `may'.

Most Il-18s are presently flown by optional administrators on provincial courses and on sanctions as they have been supplanted by more cutting edge and productive plane supplies on essential courses.

Pictures of Ilyushin Il-18