Extra 230, 300 & 200

  • CountryGermany
  • TypeUnlimited competition aerobatic aircraft
  • Powerplants230 - One 150kW (200hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO360 flat four piston engine driving a two blade c/s Mühlbauer propeller. 300 - One 225kW (300hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO540L1B5 flat six driving a three (or optionally four) blade Mühlbauer c/s prop.
  • Performance230 - Max speed 352km/h (190kt). Initial rate of climb 2950ft/min. Endurance with max fuel 2hr 30min. 300 - Max speed 343km/h (185kt), max manoeuvring speed 293km/h (158kt). Initial rate of climb 3300ft/min. Range with reserves 974km (526nm).
  • Weights230 - Empty 440kg (970lb), max takeoff 560kg (1235lb). 300 - Empty 630kg (1389lb), max aerobatic takeoff 870kg (1918lb), max takeoff 950kg (2094lb).
  • Dimentions230 - Wing span 7.40m (24ft 3in), length 5.82m (19ft 2in), height 1.73m (5ft 8in). 300 - Wing span 8.00m (26ft 3in), length 7.12m (23ft 4in), height 2.62m (8ft 7in). Wing area 10.7m2 (115.17sq ft). 300S - Same except for wing span 7.50m (24ft 7in), length 6.65m (21ft 9in). Wing area 10.4m2 (112sq ft).
  • Capacity300 and 200 seat two, 230 and 300S seat pilot only.
  • ProductionExtra 230 production ceased in 1990. Approximately 170 Extra 300s delivered since 1988, 25 200s since 1996.

Additional's aerobatic light airplane were outlined from the beginning for boundless aerobatic rivalry flying.

The first wooden wing Extra 230 was planned by organization originator Walter Extra to meet the prerequisites of rivalry pilots with the Swiss Aero Club. To start with flight happened amid 1983. Bizarrely for an airplane of its write the Extra 230 peculiarities a wooden wing with dacron blanket, while as on other aerobatic rivalry air ship the 230's wing has 0â° frequency for supported modified flight. Creation stopped in 1990 when Extra was encountering challenges in sourcing the right sort of wood.

Configuration deal with the bigger, two seat Extra 300 started in right on time 1987, finingish in the first flight of a model on May 6 1988 and accreditation in May 1990. Generation started in October 1988.

Little quantities of Extra 260s were likewise implicit the early 1990s. These flying machine were basically downsized Extra 300s with seating for a pilot just and controlled by a 195kw (260hp) Io540 level six. The Extra 260 was not certificated, the six that were assembled could fly under exceptional licenses.

The single seat Extra 300s first flew on March 4 1992 and was certificated that same month. The 300s varies from the 300 in having a solitary seat, shorter compass wings and all the more compelling ailerons, while holding the same powerplant and fundamental fuselage. The 300l has a low mounted wing. The fortified 330 has a 245kw (330hp) AEIO-580 and bigger control surfaces, and first flew in January 1998.

Both the 300 and 300s are focused for +10/10g flight with a solitary pilot, have extra transparencies in the lower sides of the fuselage beneath the wings for pilot perceivability, and a solitary piece covering.

Additional's most recent item is the 150kw (200hp) Aeio360 fueled Extra 200 two seater. It first flew in April 1996. Of comparative development to the 300, it replaces the prior 230.

Pictures of Extra 230, 300 & 200